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  PTE Academic listening video tips PTE Academic Listening length in exam (approx 45-57 minutes) Section 1: Summarize Spoken Text PTE Academic listening .In this section, you listen to a short lecture. You are then asked to write a summary of that lecture (50-70 words) for a fellow student who was not present in the […]

PTE-Academic Useful Tips For Listening Section

PTE-Academic Useful Tips For Listening Section  The listening section held for 45 to 57 minutes depends on the given questions in the exam. The item types it include in this section are following: Summarize Spoken Text Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers Fill in the blanks Highlight correct summary Multiple-choice, choose single answer Select Missing word Highlight […]

Core language skills for PTE Academic Listening preparation courses| PTE listening skills

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PTE Listening skills This section of the course outline provides information about the PTE Academic sub skills, the item types that test these skills and suggested areas for lesson focus to develop them. Information is presented under the skills of the Listening module. Subskills Item types Areas for lesson focus  Identifying the topic •    Speaking: […]