Marketing strategy for some companies offers and discounts, for some it is reputation. Should consumer goods companies concentrate special discounts and offers to promote their products or they should focus on reputation? What do you think is more important? (here they are asking our Opinion)

Marketing offers and discountsMarketing offers and discounts

Marketing strategy plays a crucial role in the growth of a firm. Many companies face this moot question that, whether to focus on offers and discounts or to build a stronger reputation. I would advocate to invest in special discounts and offers on regular intervals. This will aid in grabbing the attention of more consumers and foster company’s turnover periodically.

To begin with, companies have to spend on advertising to promote special offer campaigns. For example, when Nestle promotes its Maggie noodles at special discounted price, it will attract more buyers than its standard price advert. This proves that Nestle will not only promote their product but also build a reputation in the market.

Moreover, short-term discounts can boost up revenues of the company. Take, for instance, Start ups usually hit the market hard with weekly or monthly offers. This strategy generates excess revenues for that short period. This example evidently shows that special offers can effectively contribute to the growth of a company. From this, it can be said that the former strategy can kill two birds in one shot.


In a nutshell, concentrating on discount and offers strategy will reap more benefits as it also contributes to publicity of the companies. Thus, it’s in the best interest of the company to promote their products in this manner. Therefore, I strongly believe adoption of this strategy will lead to expeditious progress.


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