People pursue adventure activities like Skydiving. What are advantages and disadvantages of adventure sports?

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Many adventurous people have always wanted to fly and defy gravity; however, that is a problem because humans can’t fly, at least not without help. Today Skydiving is a very popular sport over worldwide. It consists basically of jumping out of a plane flying around 25 thousand feet above earth level and at four thousand feet from ground opening a parachute in order to stop the free-fall.
There are some difficulties when it comes to skydiving. Many people consider skydiving one of the most dangerous sports because of

(1) The harmful outcome of mistakes in skydiving,

(2) The bad luck of some people regarding equipment,

(3) The suicidal ideas that may appear in skydivers.

(4) There is no way to guarantee that the parachute will open

(5) Parachute not open at correct level

“Every coin have two sides” same as that, many others consider the sport as one of the safest because of

(1) All the safety involved in the sport,

(2) The reduced risk when the jumper is well trained and trained with expertise trainer, and

(3) The very low death rate in skydiving.

Sky diving

Why is Skydiving Dangerous?

The first and foremost point against skydiving is that you can’t afford to make mistakes when skydiving. Because of the nature of the sport, all accidents are dangerous. “As soon as you leave the aircraft, you will be falling at speeds ranging between 100 and 120 miles per hour.” Not being able to handle your parachute in various situations can send you to a free-fall state again and leave you with very little time to react. Many jumpers have died because when they realized that their main parachute was confused, they were too close to the ground for the reserve parachute to open. The chances of surviving a fall going that fast are least. The smallest mistake can be the difference between life and death, and beginners make a lot of mistakes.

Moreover is that luck doesn’t come to all. There is a percentage of deaths in skydiving related to equipment failure. Even the most experienced skydiver may have technical difficulties with his/her equipment. There is no way to guarantee that the parachute will open, that’s why in the drop zones before jumping, you sign a paper where it says there is a chance you might die.

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