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Item type description Test takers are required to write an essay about a given topic.
Number of item traits 7
Item traits Content

Formal Requirement

Development, Structure and Coherence


General Linguistic Range

Vocabulary Range




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1 Content
Item trait description Content is scored by determining if all aspects of the topic have been addressed in the response and if provided details, examples and explanations are appropriately supporting the test taker’s point of view.
If the test taker does not address the topic, the response will be scored zero on all traits.
Rating scale 3 The essay adequately deals with the prompt.

The essay deals with the prompt but omits to deal with one minor aspect.

The essay deals with the prompt but omits more than one aspect or one major aspect.

The essay does not properly deal with the prompt.

Maximum score 3




2 Formal Requirement
Item trait description Formal Requirement is scored by determining if the response meets the length requirement of 200-300 words.
If the test taker writes fewer than 120 or more than 380 words, the response will be scored zero on all traits.
Rating scale Length between 200 and 300 words

Length between 120 and 199 or between 301 and 380 words

Length less than 120 or more than 380 words. Essay contains no punctuation or consists only of bullet points or very short sentences.

Maximum score 2



3 Development, Structure and Coherence
Item trait description Development, Structure and Coherence are scored according to the organization of the response demonstrating good development of ideas and a logic structure.
Rating scale 2 The essay shows a good development and logical structure.

The essay incidentally is less well structured; some elements or paragraphs are poorly linked.

The essay lacks coherence, mainly consists of lists or loose elements.

Maximum score 2



 4 Grammar
Item trait description Grammar is scored by examining if the response demonstrates correct grammatical usage.
Rating scale 2 The essay shows consistent grammatical control of complex language. Errors are rare and difficult to spot.

1 The essay shows a relatively high degree of grammatical control, there are no mistakes which could lead to misunderstanding.

The essay contains mainly simple structures and/or several basic mistakes.

Maximum score 2


5 General Linguistic Range
Item trait description General Linguistic Range is scored by determining if the language in the response accurately and precisely conveys the test taker’s ideas.
Rating scale The essay exhibits mastery of a wide range of language to formulate thoughts precisely, give emphasis, differentiate and eliminate ambiguity. There is no sign the test taker had to restrict what he/she wanted to say.

The essay shows a sufficient range of language to provide clear descriptions, to express viewpoints and to develop arguments.

The essay contains mainly basic language and lacks precision.

Maximum score 2



6 Vocabulary Range
Item trait description Vocabulary Range is scored by determining if the response shows a good command of a broad lexical repertoire.
Rating scale 2 The essay shows a good command of a broad lexical repertoire and a good command of idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.

The essay shows a good range of vocabulary for matters connected to general academic topics. Evidently lexical shortcomings lead to circumlocution or some imprecision.

The essay contains mainly basic vocabulary insufficient to deal with the topic at the required level.

Maximum score 2


Essay scoring guide

7 Spelling
Item trait description Spelling is scored by determining if the response shows correct spelling.
Rating scale 2 Correct spelling, there may be one typing error.

Contains one spelling error and/or more than one typing error.

More than 1 spelling error and/or numerous typing errors.

Maximum score 2


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