PTE Academic reading multiple choice single answer practice sample

Multiple-choice — Select One Answer Choice


PTE Academic reading multiple choice single answer practice sample.These are traditional multiple-choice questions with five answer choices, of which you must select one.

PTE Academic reading multiple choice single answer practice sample

Read the text and answer the multiple choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

1. The books one reads in childhood create in one’s mind a sort of false map of the world, a series of fabulous countries into which one can retreat at odd moments throughout the rest of life, and which in some cases can even survive a visit to the real countries which they are supposed to represent. The pampas, the Amazon, the coral islands of the Pacific, Russia, land of birch-tree and samovar, Transylvania with its boyars and vampires, the China of Guy Boothby, the Paris of du Maurier one could continue the list for a long time. But one other
imaginary country that I acquired early in life was called America. If I pause on the word America, and deliberately put aside the existing reality, I can call up my childhood vision of it.

By calling America an imaginary country the author implies that

A. America has been the subject of numerous works for children
B. he has never seen America
C. his current vision of that country is not related to reality
D. America has stimulated his imagination
E. his childhood vision of that country owed nothing to actual conditions


2.Could Washington, Madison, and the other framers of the Federal Constitution revisit the earth in this year 1922,it is likely that nothing would bewilder them more than the recent Prohibition Amendment. Railways, steamships,the telephone, automobiles, flying machines, submarines all these developments, unknown in their day, would fill them with amazement and admiration. They would marvel at the story of the rise and downfall of the German Empire; at the growth and present greatness of the Republic they themselves had founded. None of these things, however, would seem to them to involve any essential change in the beliefs and purposes of men asthey had known them. The Prohibition Amendment, on the contrary, would evidence to their minds the breaking down of a principle of government which they had deemed axiomatic, the abandonment of a purpose which they had supposed immutable.

It can be inferred that the paragraph is intended as

A. an introduction to a discussion of a constitutional amendment
B. a summary of social and political change since the writing of the Federal Constitution
C. an introduction to a history of the Constitution
D. a clarification of the author’s view of a controversy
E. a summation of a discussion on political history

3.It is a trying ordeal for any man to be compared with Black and Cavendish, and Priestley cannot be said to stand on their level. Nevertheless his achievements are truly wonderful if we consider the disadvantages under which he labored. Without the careful scientific training of Black, without the leisure and appliances secured by the wealth of Cavendish, he scaled the walls of science; and trusting to mother wit to supply the place of training, and to ingenuity to create apparatus out of washing tubs, he discovered more new gases (including oxygen, which he termed dephlogisticated air) than all his predecessors put together had done.

The attitude of the passages to Priestley’s scientific work could be described as

A. firm disapproval
B. wholehearted praise
C. qualified approval
D. determined neutrality
E. ambivalence


1. E 2. A 3.C

PTE Academic reading multiple choice single answer practice sample

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