PTE Academic reading re order paragraphs practice sample 20

reading re order paragraphs

PTE Academic reading re order paragraphs practice sample

Reading re order paragraphs 1

  1. By the time the 60-acre Woldenberg Oflag II-C POW camp was completed in 1942, it was a miniature town with a population of 7,000 and even its own internal postal service.

2.Just weeks after the Nazi blitzkrieg overran Poland in September 1939 to spark the start of World War II, 500 captured Polish officers were forced into labor near the border town of Woldenberg, Germany, to build their new accommodations—a prisoner of war camp.

3.They attended plays staged by professional directors and performed in the camp’s symphony orchestra.

4.Unlike prisoners in many other Nazi camps, the Polish officers held behind Woldenberg’s walls were permitted to exercise both their bodies and their minds.

5.They played soccer games and learned philosophy, law and mathematics in classes taught by officers who were professors and teachers in their civilian lives.

Reading re order paragraphs 2

  1. Told that Stewart was painting over one of his signs for a second time, Sanders rushed to the scene with two Shell executives.

2.The hot headed Sanders never backed down from a fight, which served him well in the rough-and-tumble “Hell’s Half-Acre” neighbourhood that surrounded his Shell Oil gas station.

3.When the future fast-food giant painted advertising signs on barns for miles around, the aggressive marketing tactic rankled Matt Stewart, who operated a nearby Standard Oil gas station.

4.Sanders returned fire and wounded Stewart in the shoulder,Stewart was sentenced to 18 years in prison for murder, but charges against Sanders were dropped after his arrest.

5.According to Josh Ozersky’s book “Colonel Sanders and the American Dream,” Stewart exchanged his paintbrush for a gun and fatally shot Shell district manager Robert Gibson.

Reading re order paragraphs 3

1.But the restaurant as we know it is nearly unrecognisable from the earliest eateries of ancient Rome and China,

2.Nowadays, whether it’s for a sandwich or a 10-course tasting menu, many people don’t think twice about getting a bite to eat at a restaurant.

3.and even a far cry from the first dining establishments in Paris and New York.

  1. In fact, nearly every street corner presents a new opportunity to enjoy a meal without the hassle of messing up our own kitchens.

5.Of course, it wasn’t always this way, and our ancestors survived quite well for millennia long before the birth of taco Tuesdays.

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