PTE Academic reading re order paragraphs practice sample 21

pte academic reading re order paragraphsPTE Academic reading re order paragraphs practice sample

1.Following a stint as an independent republic, Franklin was eventually reclaimed by North Carolina in 1789. By 1796, its lands had become part of the newly formed state of Tennessee.

2.Crockett was born on August 17, 1786, in what is now eastern Tennessee.

  1. At the time, however, many of the region’s residents considered themselves citizens of the so-called state of Franklin,

4.Supporters of the movement—including Crockett’s father, John—pushed for Franklin to enter the union as the 14th U.S. state, but the fledgling territory fell just shy of the required vote total in Congress.

5.a breakaway territory that had declared its independence from North Carolina two years earlier.

PTE Academic reading re order paragraphs

1.The tensions finally came to a head in 1952, when Chaplin—a British national—was denied his re entry visa to the United States after a trip abroad.

2.Though never a member of the Communist Party, silent screen icon Charlie Chaplin drew the ire of the government for his subversive films and support of leftist political causes.

3.The “Little Tramp” creator skewered the capitalist and industrial society with movies such as “Modern Times,” “The Great Dictator” and “Monsieur Verdoux,” and he was later denounced as a Communist sympathizer after he donated money to the defense fund for Dalton Trumbo and the Hollywood Ten.

4.Told he’d need to testify to his “moral worth” before he could regain the permit, the director-actor instead cut ties with America and spent the rest of his career working in Europe. Save for a 1972 trip to collect an honorary Oscar, Chaplin never set foot in the United States again.

  1. The FBI, meanwhile, compiled a file on Chaplin that was over 2,000 pages long.

PTE Academic reading re order paragraphs

1.the Republican government retained about two-thirds of Spain, including most major cities.

  1. Gaining the support of General Franco at the final hour, they called for a July 18 uprising in Spanish Morocco, followed by a general uprising a day later, that they envisioned as a rapid coup d’état.
  2. But although they captured Spanish Morocco and the conservative heartland with barely a struggle,

4.A cadre of rebel army officers began plotting to overthrow the government as soon as a leftist coalition won Spanish elections in February 1936.

5.As civil war subsequently erupted, Franco ferried his battle-hardened troops from Morocco to the mainland using planes and boats provided by Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and began marching northward toward Madrid.

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