PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs 9

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PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs


Please read the text below and summarize it in one sentence

1.Never has there been the slightest whisper of doubt, the slightest want of faith, in the chief God of America — unlimited belief in the future of America. The faith of Americans in their own country is religious, if not in its intensity, at any rate in its almost absolute and universal authority. It pervades the air we breathe.
The Land of Democracy has always appealed to its more enthusiastic children chiefly as a land of wonderful and more than national possibilities. Neither race nor tradition, nor the actual past, binds the American to his countrymen, but rather the future which together they are building.
When, however, Americans talk of their country as the Land of Promise, a question may well be raised as to precisely what they mean. They mean, of course, in general, that the future will have something better in store for them individually and collectively than has the past or the present; but a very superficial analysis of this meaning discloses certain ambiguities. How is this Promise to be fulfilled? Will it fulfill itself, or does it imply certain responsibilities? If so, what responsibilities?

2.Until the middle of the nineteenth century art had been regarded as a luxury for the rich dilettante; people heard little of it, and thought less. There was a popular belief that beautiful things were expensive. There never was a more erroneous idea. The diligent polish in order to secure nice plain surfaces, or the neat fitting of parts together, is infinitely more difficult than adding a florid casting to conceal clumsy workmanship. The mere fact that a piece of work is decorated does not show that it has cost any more in time and execution than if it were plain — frequently many hours have been saved by the device of covering up defects with cheap ornament.
A craft may easily be practiced without art, and still serve its purpose; the alliance of the two is a means of giving pleasure as well as serving utility. People suppose that because a design is artistic, its technical rendering is any the less important, but they are mistaken. Frequently curious articles are palmed off on us, and designated as “Arts and Crafts” ornaments, in which neither art nor craft plays its full share. Art does not consist only in original, unusual, or unfamiliar designs; the best art is that which produces designs of grace and appropriateness, whether they are strikingly new or not.
A medieval artist was usually a craftsman as well. He was not content with furnishing designs alone, and then handing them over to men whose hands were trained to their execution. He took his own designs and carried them out. The result was a harmony of intention and execution which is often lacking when two men of differing tastes produce one object.

3.The physician is expected to meet the grim monster, “break the jaws of death, and pluck the spoil out of his teeth.” His ear is ever attentive to entreaty, and within his faithful breast are concealed the disclosures of the suffering. Success may elate him, as conquest flushes the victor. Honours are lavished upon the brave soldiers who, in the struggle with the foe, have covered themselves with glory, and returned victorious from the field of battle; but how much more brilliant is the achievement of those who overwhelm disease, that common enemy of mankind, whose victims are numbered by millions! Is it meritorious in the physician to modestly veil his discoveries, regardless of their importance? If he has light, why hide it from the world? Truth should be made as universal and health-giving as sunlight. We say, give light to all who are in darkness, and a remedy to the afflicted everywhere.

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    1. Art, which seemed luxury earlier, is different from Craft in certain aspects but if Art producing gracious and appropriate design when allied with executive Craft not only becomes a mean of giving pleasure but also serve utility.

    1. The discoveries of Physician, whose victory over disease is not less meritorious than that of a battle soldier, regardless of their importance should be made universal and health-giving to all those in darkness afflicted with diseases.

    1. Despite having some degrees of inexactness, in the democratic land of America, faith of Americans in the future of their country plays a significant role in making it the Land of Promise.

  1. Can anybody comment on my answer.

    Despite the differences in ideas about art and craft, best art is what create design of grace and appropriateness; it is worth mentioning that, medieval artists executed their work with a collaboration; therefore, they are both artists and craft men.

    1. Art, which seemed luxury earlier, is different from Craft in certain aspects but if Art producing gracious and appropriate design when allied with executive Craft not only becomes a mean of giving pleasure but also serve utility.

  2. Although the belief in future of America as betterment for everybody of its citizens is universal in the minds of its fellow citizens, it raises questions on the feasibility of its implementation.

  3. Art and craft serve distinct needs but in the realms of design they intertwine to serve the purpose of beauty and utility together, where intentions and execution of a craftsman cum artist are harmozined.

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