PTE writing summarize written text practice passages 39

PTE writing summarize written text practice passages

PTE writing summarize written text practice passages. Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.Global narratives around the term ‘digital humanities’ (DH) reference a predominantly Anglo-American history in the field of humanities computing. While the use of computational tools in humanities work is not new, the availability now of a large body of cultural artifacts post the digital turn, as well as emergence of new kinds of digital objects has opened up several possibilities for humanities research, practice and pedagogy using computational approaches. It also asks questions about the scope, context and methods of such forms of inquiry, as the field itself spans several disciplines, as well as creative practices outside academia.


2.Researchers used ‘residual’ electricity consumption as a proxy for activity in the services and manufacturing economies to demonstrate how, on average, demand for electricity since the Brexit vote has dramatically under-shot what would have been expected had the United Kingdom voted to remain in the European Union.

While there has been some volatility in consumption since the vote, in November it leveled off to being consistently below what it was prior to Brexit.

‘Residual’ electricity consumption is electricity use that cannot be explained by other factors, including cold weather or public holidays. It is highly correlated with economic activity.

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PTE writing summarize written text practice passages

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5 thoughts on “PTE writing summarize written text practice passages 39

  1. 1.Digital humanities had become popular because it has a way of more creative and unconventional use in wide scope.

    2.Based on the analysis of residual electricity consumption, researchers discovered that due to Brexit, the average demand for electricity in November has dropped in United Kingdom.

  2. As days goes on there are many changes evolving in modern teaching methods from usage of tools to digitization, and digital teaching is having many modern way of teaching practices other than academic index.

  3. 1) The humanities field is using cultural artifacts coupled with latest digital tools for computational purposes in its human research, practice and teaching activities.

    2) Researchers monitored the volatility of ‘Residual’ electricity consumption in services and manufacturing industries post Brexit vote and have found direct correlation of it with economic activity.

  4. Digital Humanities is like Anglo-American history, and helps in humanity in different aspects, with new ways and methods in several disciplines, not limited education field only.

    Residual electricity consumption is inexplicable by experts as it’s not related to climate or holidays, but on economic phenomenon, such as after Brexit, it has observed that its uses come down.

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