Does television removes our loneliness or not?

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Television is a source of entertainment and news. There is a TV-set in nearly every house, which is watched daily. People are attracted by TV for many reasons: some watch movies and shows, others search for news and educational programs, still others cannot imagine their leisure time without a TV-screen which is full of attractive programs. There is real life and there is TV-life under influence of which viewers fall. Under the name of “Reality TV” viewers expect something as “real life on TV”.

“Reality television is a genre of television programming which generally is unscripted, documenting actual events over fiction, and featuring ‘ordinary’ people over professional actors.” (¬_tv). Reality TV has appeared following the creation of television broadcasting in the 1940s. Everything has started with such shows as “Candid Camera” (1948). Reality TV programs are rapidly developing and gaining more and more popularity changing contents of the programs according to time changes: participants become more opened to the viewers—which attracts constant interest to reality shows. The most popular reality TV shows today are: “The Bachelor”, “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire”, “Survivor”. All over the world, on multiple TV-channels, millions of people are watching the products of reality TV. Reality shows are covering most valuable aspects of life: family relationships, love, Money. Main purposes of those shows are either fun, or competition amusement.

It is not difficult to produce a reality show – it is also less expensive and more profitable. The truth is that reality shows are based on an improvisation by non-actors but according to a story, half-fiction set by creators. There is no 100% reality. The goal of a producer is to make something more popular then before in order to attract more audience and continuous popularity.

There are critics who judge reality TV, and their arguments are worth of attention. Contemporary reality shows are harmful for what they teach the audience. There is an emotional abuse when certain participants fail to win, there is a psychological trauma on the side of viewers when something happens not as they have expected. Physical beauty is presented to be more important then cleverness and intelligence, feelings and emotions are controlled.

Everything that is created has a right to existence. It is obvious that realitu TV will continue it`s progress because it is admired by the majority of viewers who live on the screen together with show participants, worrying and supporting them. It is also frightening how reality TV affects culture, bringing fiction to real life. However, everybody has a right to choose what is best for him or her, so, hopefully, reality shows are worth of their viewers, and vise versa. And let everybody create their own life according to their own “realistic” vision of it

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2 thoughts on “Does television removes our loneliness or not?

  1. It is an irrefutable fact, in the contemporary word Television has become biggest friend to do time-pass and to avoid sadness.
    As, many channels are available and one can tune channel depends on one’s likeness.

    Sometimes back there were very few TV channels and people were forced to watch them and TV was very costly as well. As, the technology evolved and competition increased many private companies has started many channel base on the audience likeness. So, TV has become a new way to remove sadness. One can tune the program and select channel or even subscribe likewise channel. Additionally, TV is available easily, even in distant places and one can even watch channel base on the one’s flexibility. Moreover, in the fast pace world where everyone is busy in their work they can watch channel anytime.

    As per many of the researches, researcher suggest to watch TV at-least for one hour to overcome from the daily frustration. For instance, my younger brother was doing a job in the USA and he used to frustrate due to his job nature. One day he met with the doctor and based on the doctor consultation he started watching a comedy program. And, now he is perfectly fine.

    In a conclusion, TV helps a lot to overcome from loneliness and one should spend some of his time in watching television.

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