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PTE Academic Speaking and writing module video tips

   Speaking and Writing-PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic PTE Academic is a computer-based test of English. It is designed to measure the academic English abilities of candidates who wish to demonstrate their level of achievement to professional and government organizations and educational institutions.In this article, we will check different question types speaking and writing […]

PTE Academic Speaking Describe image tips

  PTE SPEAKING DESCRIBE IMAGE TIPS WHAT’S TESTED IN PTE ACADEMIC The purpose of this task is to assess your ability to describe an image related to an academic theme drawn from the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. Only speaking skills are assessed. Describe image tips are given in next paragraph.You will see an […]

How to score high in PTE read aloud | Speaking Read Aloud test taking strategy

How to score high in PTE read aloud PTE Speaking read aloud strategy Read aloud: Introduction This is a long answer item type that integrates speaking and reading skills and requires test takers to read a short text aloud, using correct pronunciation and intonation. Strategy 1 You have 30–40 seconds to go through the text. […]

PTE Academic speaking short questions and answers from Mc Millan

  Mc Millan book short questions and answers Mc Millan Test 1 which section of newspaper gives the editor an opinion? – editorial what instrument used to examine very small thing – microscope What is the destructive program that spread from comp to comp – a virus what term used for animals that gives birth […]

PTE Academic describe image sample

PTE Academic describe image sample answers for practice Sample Describe image answers The presented graph illustrates the annual fluctuation in the IPP price of diesel in the two comparative years 2005 & 2006. Its evidential from the spikes that prices went up in May in 2005 and in June in 2006. The prices continued to […]

How to Score higher in Retell Lecture – PTE Academic Speaking

  Retell Lecture tips   Re-tell lecture can be sometimes difficult for the students who are not accustomed to English lectures. But don’t lose your heart, here are some of the retell lecture tips that can work for you:– 1) Get accustomed to the accent of the English speakers. You can do this by listening to any […]

How to explain Graphs in PTE Academic | connectors for help

  How to Explain Graphs in PTE Academic speaking The Pie Chart illustrates changes in the  ……… The graph/ table shows/ indicates/ illustrates/ reveals/ represents/ elucidates/ depicts that ……… It can be seen from the graph/ table that ……………… As is illustrated by the graph/ table………….. Some Terms that are used for GRAPHS:- FOR DECREASE/ […]

PTE Academic Speaking – Check Pronunciation of words

Pronunciation of words I have noticed that in ‘Read Aloud’ section, there are some repetitive words for which pronunciation of words is different for different people. Please check at the Cambridge dictionary how to pronounce these words correctly. Pronunciation of words/List of mispronounced words Vary Very Analyse Government Technology Technological World Depth Situation Determine Explosive Global […]

PTE Academic-How to Score Well in Speaking

PTE Speaking section consists of: 1. Read Aloud – In this, you need to follow proper intonation, pronunciation, oral fluency. Scores impacted: Reading and speaking, oral fluency, pronunciation, content Useful Links : You can use ‘Windows Speech Recognition’ in your system to convert speech to text. Set up Speech Recognition – You can also […]