Canada visitor visa cover letter sample


Canadian Consulate General

Subject: Cover Letter for Visitor visa application to Canada

Dear Sir/Madam,


My Name is Jaspal Kaur and I am writing this application to request a visitor visa to Canada for myself, so that i can meet and spend summer holidays with my extended family including siblings and their children.


I am retired govt. teacher. I have visited Canada twice before to meet my family. I am very keen to spend this summer visiting the beautiful country of Canada.


I will be staying with my Nephew Manjot Singh and his family including my Brother Davinder Singh during the course of my stay in Canada. All other costs related to this trip e.g. flight ticket, and insurance costs will be borne by me. I have sufficient funds in my own accounts to pay for the entire trip and I have attached copies of my bank account statements to substantiate this.


I will be purchasing medical insurance prior to my travel to Canada to ensure that I am not a burden on the Canadian taxpayers in case of any medical contingencies.

I have properties and family in India, demonstrating my ties to the country. Copies of the registration documents of my property as well as proofs of net wealth are attached herewith.


I hope that this information will sufficiently demonstrate my intentions of travel as well as my ties to India, and allow you to issue the necessary visitor’s visa to me. I undertake to make sure that I do not remain in Canada further than the period allowed for my stay. For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time.


Jaspal Kaur


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