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Imagine that there is a plan to build a new motion picture theater in your community

Imagine that there is a plan to build a new motion picture theater in your community. Do you favor or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific examples and reasons to support your opinion

There are good reasons to oppose the construction of a new theater, in the interest of preserving the neighborhood as a desirable place to live. The theater might bring advantages with it, in the form of increased business for nearby restaurants and shops, but a movie theater, by its very nature carries with it serious disadvantages which must be weighed carefully before deciding whether or not the theater should be approved.

One drawback to a theater is the large crowds it will attract. Crowds mean traffic congestion and litter. It costs time and money to deal with these conditions. Streets must be repaired more often, at considerable expense
because of increased traffic. Someone must be assigned to clean up streets and parking lots.

Then there is the behavior of theatergoers to consider. People having a good time make noise, drink, and generally cause annoyance for people living nearby. These effects are compounded if the theater has special features for
teenagers on Friday or Saturday night. Young moviegoers will use this occasion as an excuse for all kinds of reckless behavior, up to and including drug transactions and fights.

The last argument against the theater is to question whether its value as a source of entertainment is significant at all. We live in a time when the traditional movie theater is only one of many options for entertainment. A
moviegoer also has a wide range of other choices, television, videos, and cable among them. Those options should satisfy any but the most diversion-hungry viewer.

After all, in this movie-saturated environment. is the prospect of a theater just down the street enticing enough to justify all the problems a new theater would bring? The answer is almost certainly no, and the neighborhood is justified in opposing the theater.

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