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PTE reading writing fill in the blanks exam questions

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Fill in the blanks recent exam questions A. Pinker In a sequence of bestsellers, including The Language Instinct and How the Mind Works, Pinker has argued the swathes of our mental, social and emotional lives may have ………………… as evolutionary adaptations, well suited to the lives our ancestors eked out on the Pleistocene Savannah. Sometimes […]

Latest & Repeated Summarize written text questions (with Answers)

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Repeated SUMMARIZE WRITTEN TEXT-Exam memories 1.The Year Without Summer In 1815 on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia, a handsome and long-quiescent mountain named Tambora exploded spectacularly, killing a hundred thousand people with its blast and associated tsunamis. It was the biggest volcanic explosion in ten thousand years—150 times the size of Mount St. Helens, […]

PTE Retell Lecture template and sample answer

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PTE Retell Lecture Template In this lecture, the speaker explains the major information about “Topic”. According to the speaker, he/she mentions that “NP” or “keyword, keyword and keyword” is/are important. Moreover, what the speaker is trying to say is that “NP” or “keyword, keyword and keyword” is/are relevant. Last but not least, the speaker highlights […]

PTE summarize written text scoring-strategies & tips

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PTE writing summarize written text scoring and strategies Summarize written text carries more points(my assumption based on my experience), Try to cover the main point and write 30-35 words using COMMA and connecting words like hence, so, because, however, but, instead … etc. Only one FULLSTOP should be used at the end and start the […]

design of buildings have positive or negative impact-PTE essay


Do you think design of buildings have positive or negative impact. Which way it can effect on work and live?” In the present world, the architecture of a building can or cannot be beneficial for its residents. Some people may be in accord with the conception that design of the house impacts the life of […]

Write from dictations-Most repeated questions 2018

Most repeated 2018-Write from dictations 1. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy. 2. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room. 3. A massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument. 4. A number of students have some volunteer jobs. 5. A party is thrown […]

PTE Books-Buy these books for PTE Academic exam preparation

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  PTE Books and reviews-PTE Academic Exam Preparation  There are many PTE books available for learning and practicing the exam. These books are must for every aspirant as do help in building basics of the test.Here is the PTE books list: The Official Guide to Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic – About – (1) […]