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Write from dictations-Most repeated questions 2018

Most repeated 2018-Write from dictations 1. A celebrated theory is still the source of great controversy. 2. A group meeting will be held tomorrow in the library conference room. 3. A massive accumulation of data was converted into a communicable argument. 4. A number of students have some volunteer jobs. 5. A party is thrown […]

PTE Books-Buy these books for PTE Academic exam preparation

PTE books

  PTE Books and reviews-PTE Academic Exam Preparation  There are many PTE books available for learning and practicing the exam. These books are must for every aspirant as do help in building basics of the test.Here is the PTE books list: The Official Guide to Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic – About – (1) […]

Global transportation advantages and disadvantages-PTE sample essay

global transportation essay

Global transportation has escalated the cost of the country. Describe the advantages and disadvantages. Global transportation Sample essay Global transportation costs have led to several changes in the economy rapidly. It has created some major advantages and disadvantages for the country. The main reason behind rising cost is the rise in oil prices. The United […]

PTE essay-what role should governments play to combat climate change

What roles should governments, companies, and individuals play to combat climate change? Climate Change Essay sample Answer The modern technologies of the 21st century have significantly increased the level of Green House Gases emission in the atmosphere. The negligence towards this fact for long has lead to climate change that is now having drastic impacts on […]

PTE exam questions from recent test-PTE exam memories

PTE exam memories

PTE exam memories /questions shared by students appeared in the recent exam. PTE exam memories 20-11-2017 Sydney Essay: Should marketing for consumer goods companies like clothing and food focus on fame and good faith or on short-term strategies like discount and special offers? And in what ways this can impact on their reputation? Why? Click for solved […]

PTE essay-It is becoming increasingly popular to have a year off between finishing school

It is becoming increasingly popular to have a year off between finishing school and going to university. Some people believe that the year off is a waste of time while others believe that it is necessary.Discuss Model answer- The year off between finishing school and going to university, or ‘gap year’, is becoming increasingly popular. […]

PTE describe image questions with sample answers | real exam questions

PTE Describe image questions from recent exam Describe image questions-Look at the images below and describe in detail what the image is showing.You will have 25 seconds to describe image.Sample answers are given for practice purpose only. 1. Describe image sample answer The process flowchart represents the four continuous steps involved in the process of recycling […]

PTE essay-family should have only one car and use alternative vehicle

dependency on motor cars

Some people suggest that each family should only have one car and encourage alternative vehicle. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Sample Essay Nowadays, families in urban areas have a few cars parked in their garage. Now people like to maintain more than one vehicles as it has become a status symbol. Show […]

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It is unquestionable that countless students are demoralized or outright terrified by the thought of writing essays. It can undoubtedly be a rather challenging task for some. However, there are ways to unburden yourself if it starts to get too tedious and one of them is to outsource your dissertation to, an extremely reliable […]