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How to Write a Persuasive Essay: 5 Ways to Convince Your Reader


Students need to write essays throughout their academic term. The whole purpose of an persuasive essay is to present your arguments and convince the reader that you’re saying the right thing.

However, convincing requires a lot of effort from your side but it is actually do-able. If you’re someone who has to write an argumentative essay, then this article will be helpful for you. We’re about to list some of the ways you can make your essay persuasive. This can help you convince the reader and also get good grades when you hand it in. So let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Conduct a Thorough Research

Before writing an essay, students need to conduct thorough research on its topic. This can help them gather as much evidence as they need to support their arguments.

Conducting research before writing can also help students arrange their arguments in a better way so they are structured to convince the readers that what they’re saying is true. Apart from this, it can also save students time as they won’t have to open the internet or go through books during the writing process since they would’ve done the research already. Then they can fully focus on writing.

Apart from this, research can help them get information that they aren’t already familiar with. This info can then be used in their write-up.

  1. Include Ample Evidence in Your Essay

One of the best ways to convince someone is to provide them with evidence. This also works in essays. Once you’ve done the research, you need to make sure that you include every evidence you’ve found in your essay. 

You can use them whenever you’re making an argumentative statement. This can not only support your argument but can also make it look authoritative. 

Keep in mind that whenever you’re adding a piece of evidence to your writing, you should always provide its source alongside it. This way the evidence you include can be cross-checked by the reader, which can result in its credibility being established.

  1. Try to Achieve Maximum Clarity in Your Writing

Perhaps the most important thing in an argumentative write-up is its clarity. Students need to achieve maximum clarity in their essays so they can convince the reader. It’s obvious that a reader won’t be convinced if they don’t understand what you’re trying to say. This is why clarity carries a huge importance in write-ups.

It can be achieved by keeping your sentences short and sticking to the point. Clarity can also be affected by repeating information and words throughout the essay, so try not to do that.

You can also rephrase the sentences of an essay to make them more clear and concise. Rephrasing can be done manually by changing the order of sentences and the overall structure of a text or simply by using a text paraphrasing tool. It can not only increase the clarity of text but can also increase its readability.

  1. Use a Persuasive Tone Throughout Your Essay

A persuasive tone has to be used in argumentative essays or speeches to convince the reader to agree with the author’s point of view. It can be assertive, passionate, or even aggressive.

Students can use this to their advantage by using it throughout an argumentative essay. This can help them achieve authority and take their essay to a new level. For example, the sentence “Voting is a right and responsibility of citizens” can be written as “Voting is the most important right and responsibility of a citizen” by making its tone persuasive.

The two sentences carry the same message but the reader will most probably be more affected by the second one. Simply because it’s more persuasive than the first sentence. This technique can be utilized by students to write a persuasive essay.

  1. Address the Reader Directly

Finally, once you have completed all necessary steps including structuring your arguments, providing evidence, and ensuring maximum clarity in your essay. You need to make sure that you’re addressing the reader directly. 

Remember, the ultimate goal is to convince the reader. Without addressing them directly, your arguments may not be effective. The reader has to feel a connection between you and them. This connection can then lead to their convincing.

For example, the sentence “Humans have always dreamed of flying” can be written as “You might have wondered what it would be like to fly” to make it look like you’re addressing the reader directly. It’s obvious that a reader would be more convinced than the second sentence rather than the first one since there exists a connection between them and the sentence.

Students can make use of this technique where it is needed in their essays. It can make the write-up convincing and persuasive at the same time.


Writing an argumentative essay can be a daunting task for students. Especially when they have to convince the readers through it. To help students understand how they’re supposed to do it, we’ve listed 5 effective ways in this article.

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