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Some people think we sometimes should do things that we do not like. Do you agree or disagree with that idea? Use specific examples and reasons to support your opinion

 Sample Essay- Things

From time to time, everyone must do things that he or she dislikes, such as visiting a dentist. Should one, however, go beyond this necessary amount of unpleasantness, and seek out chores that are challenging, dirty or
repugnant? the answer is yes. An uninviting task may yield considerable benefit when undertaken voluntarily, even if the benefit is intangible.

For the sake of bodily fitness, many people undergo strenuous and painful exercises on a daily basis. A runner may push himself to the point of exhaustion. A weightlifter’s muscles may ache after a training session. These experiences may involve great discomfort. Nonetheless, the athlete undergoes them voluntarily to increase bodily fitness.

Also, performing someone else’s unpleasant duties, on a voluntary but temporary basis, can be highly instructive. Such work gives one a better understanding of another person’s burdens and can provide a revealing
lesson in human behaviour, Working briefly as a cleaning person, for example, gives one a view of society and the workplace from a vantage point near the bottom. One’s own job may look different that is, more privileged – alter
Such an experience.

Thus, taking unpleasant duties on oneself voluntarily may be disagreeable but can be a valuable education as well. If it does nothing else, then at least it may demonstrate why many people complain about their jobs.


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