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Nursing SOP for Diploma in Australia

Nursing sop Australia

Nursing SOP -Australia

I am writing this letter to support my Application to study in Australia. I am very hard working and dedicated girl. I have passed my 10th Class in 2015 from PSEB with 85.84% and senior secondary (12th) in 2017 from CBSE Board in Medical stream with 66.2%. I always had in interest in Medical subjects. Now I wanted to pursue my studies in medical stream as that will give me an edge in my career goals in this highly globalised time. For this purpose I started preparing for IELTS and had given my exam on 09th Sep 2017 and scored 6.0 bands overall. After careful consideration I am applying to study Certificate III in Individual Support leading to Diploma of Nursing in Australia Institute of Business & Technology (AIBT), Australia.

I wanted to make my career in Health industry for which I did my senior secondary in Medical stream. Like any other medical student, I too was expected to appear for the medical entrance exams in India wherein lakhs of students sit for these medical entrance exams (NEET), despite that very few handful can make it to the best and reputed medical schools. Donations are also the dark truth of the Indian education system and it has lead to various scams (Vyapam is a famous episode).

I was very clear that I shall not be a part of this blind race. Here I was also aware that there are many avenues in the medical health care industry which includes being a nurse. Nurses are in high demand in all the parts of this world and are paid smart. I took a wise decision to route my career via a nursing qualification. That is the reason that I am enrolled in Certificate III in Individual Support leading to Diploma of Nursing. I believe that nurses are the prominent part of the medical industry as nurses are the ones which maintain the close relationship with patients too. 

In India one has an option to study a generic BSC nursing or a GNM program. No one can deny the practical aspects of the Indian nursing programs. Despite having a 4 year nursing degree and getting registrations from the nursing councils, the nurses aren’t well equipped with the skills they are required to possess. Baba Farid University or Shri Guru Ramdas Medical Institute of health Science were the options for me but I did not choose any of these as the study pattern is curriculum based whereas Nursing is one profession which requires a person to be fully equipped with practical aspects. There aren’t proper teaching facilities in nursing colleges. A lot of nursing colleges have opened up but these colleges lack rudimentary infrastructure.

I was therefore very clear that I will study a Nursing course overseas. Reason is that the study patterns followed overseas are different than Indian education. Though expensive than an Indian education, but studying abroad assures quality of education, a market sensitive updated curriculum, experienced and internationally renowned Faculty known for their Research in the area of their expertise. Studying overseas makes a person confident to face any challenge as one has to deal with students from various nationalities and it adds to the overall learning of student. I therefore decided to study abroad.

Why study in Australia

Australia is a country where world’s 70% immigrants reside. It is such a nice country with beautiful landscapes. In one word it is my dream country having further studies. Australia is fast becoming a preferred destination in term of education among India students. Currently , Australia attracts the third largest number of international students in the English speaking world ,multicultural Australia is English speaking and a safe and friendly society in which students can learn and travel  freely. Australia offers an educational experience that makes a real difference. It provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages one to be innovative, creative and think independently graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Australian education is recognised globally and Australian government has some very friendly regulations for international students, Example is ESOS act which secures the tuition fee of international students if at any point a college closes down.

There are many other reasons to choose Australia as my study destination like Australia education controlled by Australian Government & it is secured for international students. The college & Universities are known for providing quality education in the world. Australia has trimester system in which a student can complete his/her degree in lesser time. Australia is known for its innovation & research because more than 1 billion people trust on its innovation & research. Because of low crime rates & strict gun control laws as compared to other countries, Australia provides a safe environment to the international students. I am applying for student visa subclass 500 and as an International student I need to follow some points. I need to have a valid health insurance till the duration of my study. I need to maintain 80% of attendance. I should obtain minimum of 50% of marks in each subjects. I am also allowed to work maximum of 40 hours per fortnight on part-time basis. I cannot change the university for 6 months after enrolment and also I need to notify university/DIBP if I change my address or contact details within 7 working days.

I did research on Internet and came to know that AIBT curriculum, classrooms, library, and student support facilities are very good. The support services available at AIBT help international students for any advice and assistance as and when they are finding things a little difficult. AIBT offers variety of courses, friendly campus and quality education. Through AIBT website I got the information and detailed plan of my course, exact fee structure and requirements needed for these diplomas. I am quite sure that I would be able to grab sufficient knowledge and skills by being myself a part of this Institute. Moreover, tuition fees and living expenses are set at affordable cost as compare to the most other study destinations in Australia. AIBT programs are developed in consultation with industry groups and they focus on graduate’s employability skills. So after considering all the factors I realize AIBT, Australia is the right place for me & everyone who is planning for further higher Studies in Australia.

 A good number of TAFE colleges like- TAFE NSW, Holmesglen Tafe , TAFE Western Australia etc and many others are offering Diploma of Nursing courses but I have chosen AIBT college in Brisbane because the tuition fee of this college is relatively cheaper than these Tafe colleges at Australia. As the courses of AIBT is also recognized under AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework), I am assured that there is no negotiation on the quality of education of this college. The college has good infrastructure, faculty and academic environment. The class size is also small allowing me to get a better learning environment!

AIBT has the excellent subjects in the curriculum like- Perform clinical assessment and contribute to planning nursing care, Apply principles of wound management in the clinical environment, Follow safe work practices for direct client care etc. I am also enrolled in a Certificate III in individual support along with my diploma course and doing this program is also another benefit as it will give me the skills and knowledge about role of workers in the community which give a support due to ageing, disability or some added reason. I will get the opportunity to learn under AIBT’s School of Community services which will widen my general idea on this theme.

Future Plans

After studying this diploma program, I will later on have an option to study a Bachelor of Nursing course at any of the Australian Universities by seeking credits of my diploma course. I will also have an option to straightaway start my career as a professional enrolled nursing as this program is vocation oriented. Nurses are in high demand in all parts of this world and not only in India, I will have employment opportunities globally with the growth prospects. Many top Medical hospitals in India are always in a need of Nurses and I am confident that my Australian education will help me get employment in any of the star rated hospitals like Max Hospitals, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital, Hiranandani Hospitals etc. As nurses are in demand all over the world, I will be able to find the employment in any country after the professional work experience in my home country. Being in a foreign country my priority would be to follow all the rules and regulation related to my student visa. On the completion of my course I will come back to my home country with an international diploma in my hand. My purpose to visit Australia is to get the best education available which will help me later getting good job opportunity in my home country


Manisha Chaudhary

If you have any question regarding the Nursing SOP-Statement of Purpose, Please write down in the comment section.

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  3. can u pls send me sop of diploma leading to bachelor of nursing in Adelaide, Australia. in univeristy TAFE SA package with univeristy of south australia. please help me.

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