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PTE Academic essay some people think foreign visitors should be charged more than local people sample


Some people think foreign visitors should be charged more than local people when they visit the cultural and historical attractions in a country. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


International tourism has become the backbone of many economies of the world and these countries rely heavily on the tourist dollar. That is why some people opine that foreign visitors should be charged more than the domestic tourists. Although these people have their arguments for their opinions, personally, I disagree with this practice.

 It is common in many Indian tourist places to see rate tables such as the following: -Taj Mahal, Agra: Indian Citizens Rs 20, Foreigners Rs 970; Fatehpur Sikri, Agra: Indian Citizens Rs 50, Foreigners Rs 485. The increase in prices is due to the fact that the Indian rupee is much weaker than currencies of many European countries and other developed nations. Therefore, such tourists can afford to pay without feeling the pinch, and the upkeep of historical monuments is done through this money. Secondly, foreigners are accustomed to prices being much higher in their home countries. For example, entry to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is US$20 (Rs 886). In that context, the Taj – an acknowledged wonder of the world, with centuries of tradition and some of the most striking architecture ever created by man – is very reasonable at Rs 970.

There are many reasons to oppose the above view. Firstly, it is unfair and leads to discrimination. Come to think of it – if an Indian visiting a foreign country has to pay similar high rates, what would be the reaction? On the one hand we brag about ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ ( meaning that guest is like God ), and on the other hand, we fleece these tourists by charging them astronomically high rates. What impression of our country would these tourists take home with them?

Another reason to oppose the above view is that foreign travelers may never come again and this could deter their friends and all others who get this negative information. As it is, the international tourists spend a lot by staying, wining, dining and traveling in the foreign country and so it would be a big loss to that country in the long run.

Summing up, it is not good to charge foreign tourists more than local tourist because it would be unfair and it would be a short-sighted approach to earning the tourist dollar.


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3 thoughts on “PTE Academic essay some people think foreign visitors should be charged more than local people sample

  1. Sample answer:
    There are different thoughts, some strongly believw that the tourist should pay extra to help local economies whereas others are opposing this strategy. Now Tourism become a global industry which supports many growing economies directly or indirectly. I personallly suppport that opinion.

    Every country, especially develpoing countries are developing and echancing the tourism as it plays an inviteable role to their economies.

    They are trying to stablize the local econmy by paying extra by tourist. The under developed countries have less currency value where the tourist from developed countires can easily bear that cost even if it expensive compare to local

  2. There has always been a fascination for cultural heritage by foreign visitors who visit a country mainly for its cultural heritage. But charging them a higher rate as compared to localiets is a mere no no to me.The reasons for the disagreements are explained here under.

    Needless to say that when foreign visitors visits a country they not only open avenues revenue for the economy but also an acknowledgement for beauty of historical monuments with them . Many curators charge them with higher entry fees thinking that they can make money with it but actually they don’t know that they are actually selling the ancestral heritage associated with the country . Furthermore, most of the visitors get duped and mobbed by local people for money which shatters their confidence of travelling to other countries.

    Conversely, difference in exchange rates of currencies demands more visitors to fall prey to these crimes. These offenders put the dignity of a country at stake without thinking about the image of the people and country associated with them. This leads to increase in crime rates and many of them gets exploited and subjected to racial discrimination.
    To me, the government should take necessary steps in order to alleviate these cases and moreover, they should be prosecuted to the full extent of law because it is a shameful situation for the country to deal with this . Moreover,charging the visitors with higher rate will not lower the scope of rogue offenders.

  3. Travelling to other countries has increased tremendously in recent times and increased connectivity between places has been the biggest factor for this growth. Some people think that foreign visitors should be charged more than the local people while others think otherwise. I completely disagree with earlier view as I believe that foreign visitors should be charged same as locals and the following paragraph will provide details about the same.
    First of all, foreign visitors are also humans and all humans should be treated equally irrespective of their region, colour or caste. For example, the entry charges at Taj Mahal is higher for foreign visitors compared to Indians. This is direct discrimination by Indian authorities against foreign nationals due to them belonging to other region. Second of all, many countries thrive on tourism and their local people earn their livelihood through tourism related activities. For example countries like Thailand and Maldives are completely dependent on tourism for their revenues. Locals earn money by engaging with tourists either by driving cabs or by providing hospitality services. This clearly indicates that foreign visitors are very important source of revenue and they should not be charged highly as it might lead to reduction in number of tourists.
    In conclusion, the foregoing arguments validates the belief that foreign visitors should be charged same as locals. This will encourage higher percentage of tourists to visit different places and thereby generating revenue for government and locals. Also, this will foster equality among different sections of society and helps to curb discrimination due to region, colour or caste.

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