PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample 4

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample.You may get 2-3 summarize spoken text in exam.You will hear a short lecture.Write a summary of the lecture using 50-70 words.You will have 10 minutes to finish the task.written transcript of audio is provided for practice purpose.



Drought—a recurring feature of the Australian landscape—is one of the biggest challenges farmers face and has a significant impact on agricultural output, productivity and on-farm incomes. The Australian Government is committed to supporting farm families, farm businesses and rural communities who are doing it tough.

In recent years, the Australian, state and territory governments have been working together to reform drought policy to make sure farmers are better supported to prepare for drought, as well as providing in-drought assistance when needed. .

Building on the reform process and the range of assistance already available, in July 2015 the Australian Government announced the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, which includes a number of additional measures to help farmers prepare for, manage through and recover from drought.

These measures cover a range of activities including concessional loans, taxation measures, enhanced social support and local community infrastructure projects. Farmers can use many of the new, practical White Paper initiatives not only to manage drought, but the broad range of production and business risks they face. While most of these measures are being delivered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, some are being delivered by other government agencies such as the Department of Human Services, the Department of Social Services, and the Australian Taxation Office. Some programmes are also being delivered by state and territory governments.

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample



Many tree species in the family Myrtaceae, including eucalypts, melaleucas, and a variety of Australian rainforest trees, are susceptible to myrtle rust disease caused by the fungus Puccinia psidii s.l.. Myrtle rust was first detected in Australia in 2010, and since then its geographic distribution in Australia has progressively widened. The disease is now present in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, although detections outside New South Wales and Queensland may be restricted to nurseries and gardens.
Myrtle rust has caused severe defoliation, dieback and death of trees of some rainforest species in Australia, and its impact has been assessed by CSIRO as a potential ‘megashock’ for Australia’s forests. The same or related rusts have damaged commercial eucalypt plantations in Brazil and Uruguay. Myrtle rust is denoted as a quarantine pest in Australia.

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample

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  1. Drought, a foremost challenge faced by Australian farmers is affecting agricultural yield and productivity. The government and social services are taking several actions to support farming families and communities by making strategies to assist them with the loan, tax benefits, and by providing infrastructure and water resources.

    Please revert back with changes or accurate summary.

    1. Hello Buddy, I have heard that,In summarize spoken text, we can write more than one sentence and full stop.

      Please do correct me in case I am wrong.

  2. The Spoken summary can be written in more than one sentence. This clause is applicable in the writing summary only.

  3. Drought, as a frequent problem faced by Australian farmers, is affecting the agricultural and its productivity. The Australian government and social services are working together to assist farmers by implementing strategic policies, which help them in a loan, tax benefits and also providing the infrastructure and water resources. In addition, white papers help them to measure and mitigate the risks caused by the drought.

  4. Drought has been a serious and recurring problem in Australia. This has adversely affected agricultural industry, local community and families of farmers. Various departments of Govt along with State and Territory Govt are undertaking various financial, social and developmental initiatives to better prepare the farmers to manage and recover from such adversities.

  5. the talk about the landscape of future of Australia government is provided agriculture income forms. The Australian agriculture white paper income in 2005. The white paper manager department human and social service program.

  6. The speaker talked about drought that mostly the concerned in Australian farmers because drought has the biggest effect on agriculture and on the country itself. If drought will not be well prepared then it can affect how farmers with their families on food resources. In the year 2015, Agriculture competitive which introduced to help these farmers to help and overcome this drought.
    – hello,this is my answer on number one, is it required to summarize it in our own words or just summarize the whole transcript

  7. In summarize SPOKEN text, the rule is to write multiple sentences, altogether ranging from 50 to 70 words. I guess you got it confused with summarize WRITTEN text, in which it requires to be a single sentence and the ample amount of words would be 30 to 40 (rule being from 5 to 75) words.

  8. The speaker was discussing the recurring challenge of drought in Australia. He discussed how Australian government is taking measures to benefit the affected farmers. A salient development was witnessed in year 2015 when white papers were released as a joint venture of state and territory governments to relief these farmers in terms of taxation, loans and infrastructure reforms. He further elaborated that varying state departments are involved in this plan (word count 70)

  9. The lecture is about metal rust, which is a fungal pest that has affected many trees in the Australian rain forest, predominantly the Eucalyptus species. The disease can be mainly seen affecting flora of New South Wales and Queensland and also sighted in other states such as Tasmania and Victoria. Due to the severe defoliation and death that this metal rust causes, it is considered a quarantine pest in Australia.

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