PTE Academic reading collocation list 10

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PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1710 preferential adj treatment n
1711 preliminary adj data n
1712 preliminary adj findings n
1713 preliminary adj result n
1714 premature adj death n
1715 present adj context n
1716 present v data n
1717 present v difficulties n
1718 present v evidence n
1719 present (a) v challenge n
1720 present (a) v summary n
1721 present (an) v argument n
1722 presidential adj election n
1723 previous adj chapter n
1724 previous adj decade n
1725 previous adj discussion n
1726 previous adj experience n
1727 previous adj generation n
1728 previous adj knowledge n
1729 previous adj paragraph n
1730 previous adj part n
1731 previous adj research n
1732 previous adj section n
1733 previous adj study n
1734 previous adj work n
1735 previously adv described vpp
1736 previously adv discussed vpp
1737 previously adv known vpp
1738 previously adv mentioned vpp
1739 previously adv thought vpp
1740 (be) primarily adv concerned vpp (with)
1741 (be) primarily adv responsible adj (for)
1742 primary adj aim n
1743 primary adj care n
1744 primary adj concern n
1745 primary adj data n
1746 primary adj education n
1747 primary adj focus n
1748 primary adj function n
1749 primary adj objective n
1750 primary adj purpose n
1751 primary adj reason n
1752 primary adj research n
1753 primary adj responsibility n
1754 primary adj source n
1755 primary adj task n
1756 prime adj example n
1757 prime adj time n
1758 principal adj source n
1759 prior adj experience n
1760 prior adj knowledge n
1761 private adj individual n
1762 private adj investment n
1763 private adj sector n
1764 private adj sphere n
1765 privileged adj position n
1766 problem n area n
1767 process v data n
1768 process v information n

PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1769 professional adj activity n
1770 professional adj body n
1771 professional adj colleague n
1772 professional adj development n
1773 professional adj experience n
1774 professional adj knowledge n
1775 professional adj practice n
1776 professional adj qualification n
1777 professional adj staff n
1778 professional adj standard n
1779 professional adj status n
1780 professional adj support n
1781 professional adj training n
1782 professional adj work n
1783 profound adj effect n
1784 profound adj impact n
1785 prominent adj feature n
1786 prominent adj member n
1787 prominent adj role n
1788 promote v equality n
1789 promote (the) v development n (of)
1790 (be) properly adv understood vpp
1791 proposed adj legislation n
1792 prove v successful adj
1793 prove v useful adj
1794 provide v access n (to)
1795 provide v assistance n
1796 provide v care n
1797 provide v context n
1798 provide v coverage n
1799 provide v data n
1800 provide v evidence n
1801 provide v feedback n
1802 provide v guidance n
1803 provide v information n
1804 provide v material n
1805 provide v resources n
1806 provide v support n
1807 provide v feedback n
1808 provide v insight n (into)
1809 provide (a) v benefit n
1810 provide (a) v clue n
1811 provide (a) v focus n
1812 provide (a) v foundation n (for)
1813 provide (a) v service n
1814 provide (a) v source n
1815 provide (a) v summary n
1816 provide (an) v alternative n
1817 provide (an) v example n
1818 provide (an) v explanation n
1819 provide (an) v illustration n
1820 provide (an) v indication n (of)
1821 provide (an) v opportunity n
1822 provide (an) v overview n (of)
1823 public adj access n
1824 public adj administration n
1825 public adj attitudes n
1826 public adj authority n
1827 public adj awareness n

PTE Academic collocation List 

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