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PTE Academic Reading collocation list 4

PTE Academic Reading collocation

pte academic

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
648 emotional adj reaction n
649 emotional adj response n
650 emotional adj support n
651 empirical adj data n
652 empirical adj evidence n
653 empirical adj investigation n
654 empirical adj research n
655 empirical adj study n
656 empirical adj support n
657 empirical adj work n
658 employ (a) v method n
659 employ (a) v technique n
660 employment n opportunities n
661 encounter v difficulties n
662 encounter v problems n
663 encourage (the) v development n (of)
664 engage in (an) v activity n
665 enhance v learning n
666 enhance v performance n
667 (an) enormous adj amount n (of)
668 enormous adj impact n
669 entire adj period n
670 (the) entire adj range n (of)
671 entirely adv clear adj
672 entirely adv different adj
673 entirely adv new adj
674 environmental adj changes n
675 environmental adj concern n
676 environmental adj consequences n
677 environmental adj damage n
678 environmental adj degradation n
679 environmental adj effects n
680 environmental adj factors n
681 environmental adj impact n
682 environmental adj issues n
683 environmental adj policy n
684 environmental adj pollution n
685 environmental adj protection n
686 equal adj access n
687 equal adj opportunity n
688 equal adj status n
689 equal adj treatment n
690 equally adv important adj
691 equally adv likely adj
692 equally adv true adj
693 equally adv valid adj
694 essential adj component n
695 essential adj element n
696 essential adj feature n
697 essential adj function n
698 essential adj information n
699 essential adj role n
700 establish (a) v relationship n
701 established adj order n
702 established adj practice n
703 established adj principle n
704 ethical adj consideration n
705 ethical adj dilemma n
706 ethical adj issue n

PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
707 ethical adj principle n
708 ethical adj problem n
709 ethical adj question n
710 ethnic adj community n
711 ethnic adj differences n
712 ethnic adj diversity n
713 ethnic adj group n
714 ethnic adj identity n
715 ethnic adj minority n
716 ethnic adj origin n
717 ever adv changing adj
718 ever adv increasing adj
719 evolutionary adj process n
720 evolutionary adj theory n
721 examine (the) v role n (of)
722 exceptional adj case n
723 exceptional adj circumstances n
724 exercise v authority n
725 existing adj data n
726 existing adj research n
727 existing adj structure n
728 expand v rapidly adv
729 experience v difficulties n
730 experience v problems n
731 experiential adj learning n
732 experimental adj conditions n
733 experimental adj data n
734 experimental adj design n
735 experimental adj evidence n
736 experimental adj method n
737 experimental adj research n
738 experimental adj results n
739 experimental adj study n
740 experimental adj work n
741 expert n opinion n
742 explanatory adj power n
743 explore v further adv
744 explore (an) v issue n
745 extended adj period n
746 extensive adj research n
747 (be) extensively adv used vpp
748 external adj environment n
749 external adj factors n
750 external adj forces n
751 external adj influences n
752 external adj source n
753 external adj threat n
754 external adj world n
755 extract v data n
756 extract v information n
757 extremely adv complex adj
758 extremely adv powerful adj
759 extremely adv sensitive adj
760 extremely adv useful adj
761 extremely adv valuable adj
762 face v difficulties n
763 face v discrimination n
764 face (a) v challenge n
765 face (a) v dilemma n

PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
766 face (a) v problem n
767 facial adj expression n
768 facilitate (the) v development n (of)
769 factual adj information n
770 fair adj treatment n
771 fairly adv clear adj
772 fairly adv common adj
773 fairly adv obvious adj
774 fairly adv straightforward adj
775 fall into (the) v category n (of)
776 (be) far adv removed vpp (from)
777 federal adj agency n
778 federal adj government n
779 federal adj state n
780 feminist adj movement n
781 field n research n
782 final adj analysis n
783 final adj answer n
784 final adj chapter n
785 final adj decision n
786 final adj outcome n
787 final adj phase n
788 final adj point n
789 final adj position n
790 final adj product n
791 final adj result n
792 final adj section n
793 final adj stage n
794 final adj step n
795 final adj version n
796 financial adj affairs n
797 financial adj assistance n
798 financial adj institution n
799 financial adj management n
800 financial adj market n
801 financial adj problem n
802 financial adj resources n
803 financial adj support n
804 find v evidence n
805 find v information n
806 finite adj number n
807 (be) firmly adv established vpp
808 first adj author n
809 first adj contact n
810 first adj draft n
811 first adj encounter n
812 first adj generation n
813 first adj impression n
814 first adj phase n
815 first adj priority n
816 flexible adj approach n
817 focal adj point n
818 focus v attention n (on)
819 focus on (an) v aspect n
820 follow (a) v format n
821 follow (a) v procedure n
822 follow v instructions n
823 following adj chapter n
824 foreign adj currency n


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