PTE Academic reading collocation list 8

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PTE Academic reading collocation list 8

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1356 make (an) v impression n
1357 make (an) v observation n
1358 make(a) v judgement n
1359 male adj dominance n
1360 manual adj worker n
1361 manufacturing adj sector n
1362 marked adj contrast n
1363 (be) markedly adv different adj
1364 maximum adj duration n
1365 mean adj score n
1366 (in a) meaningful adj way n
1367 media n coverage n
1368 medical adj assistance n
1369 medical adj treatment n
1370 meet v criteria n
1371 meet v expectations n
1372 meet (a) v requirement n
1373 meet (a) v target n
1374 meet (an) v objective n
1375 mental adj health n
1376 mental adj illness n
1377 mental adj state n
1378 methodological adj approach n
1379 methodological adj issue n
1380 methodological adj problem n
1381 metropolitan adj area n
1382 middle adj income n
1383 middle adj management n
1384 migrant adj worker n
1385 military adj action n
1386 military adj force n
1387 military adj power n
1388 military adj service n
1389 minimum adj level n
1390 minimum adj requirement n
1391 minimum adj standard n
1392 minimum adj value n
1393 minimum adj wage n
1394 minor adj change n
1395 minor adj role n
1396 minority n group n
1397 missing adj data n
1398 modern adj culture n
1399 modern adj method n
1400 modern adj society n
1401 modern adj technology n
1402 modified adj form n
1403 modified adj version n
1404 moral adj dilemma n
1405 moral adj philosophy n
1406 moral adj principle n
1407 multiple adj identities n
1408 multiple adj sources n
1409 municipal adj government n
1410 mutual adj recognition n
1411 mutual adj support n
1412 mutual adj trust n
1413 mutual adj understanding n
1414 mutually adv exclusive adj


PTE Academic reading collocation list 8

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1415 narrow adj definition n
1416 (a) narrow adj range n (of)
1417 national adj average n
1418 national adj boundary n
1419 national adj conference n
1420 national adj culture n
1421 national adj economy n
1422 national adj government n
1423 national adj identity n
1424 national adj income n
1425 national adj institution n
1426 national adj interest n
1427 national adj language n
1428 national adj legislation n
1429 national adj market n
1430 national adj media n
1431 national adj movement n
1432 national adj policy n
1433 national adj press n
1434 national adj security n
1435 national adj survey n
1436 native adj speaker n
1437 natural adj conditions n
1438 natural adj disaster n
1439 natural adj environment n
1440 natural adj history n
1441 natural adj language n
1442 natural adj law n
1443 natural adj order n
1444 natural adj philosophy n
1445 natural adj process n
1446 natural adj resources n
1447 natural adj right n
1448 natural adj science n
1449 natural adj tendency n
1450 natural adj world n
1451 naturally adv occurring adj
1452 necessary adj information n
1453 negative adj aspect n
1454 negative adj attitude n
1455 negative adj connotation n
1456 negative adj consequences n
1457 negative adj correlation n
1458 negative adj effect n
1459 negative adj feedback n
1460 negative adj impact n
1461 negative adj outcome n
1462 negative adj side n
1463 negative adj stereotype n
1464 negative adj value n
1465 negative adj view n
1466 (be) negatively adv correlated vpp (with)
1467 new adj initiative n
1468 new adj insight n
1469 new adj perspective n
1470 newly adv acquired vpp
1471 newly adv created vpp
1472 newly adv discovered vpp
1473 newly adv emerging adj

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PTE Academic reading collocation list 8

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1474 newly adv established adj
1475 newly adv formed vpp
1476 next adj decade n
1477 next adj generation n
1478 next adj phase n
1479 normal adj conditions n
1480 normal adj development n
1481 normal adj distribution n
1482 normal adj practice n
1483 notable adj exception n
1484 nuclear adj energy n
1485 nuclear adj family n
1486 nuclear adj power n
1487 nuclear adj war n
1488 nuclear adj weapon n
1489 numerical adj data n
1490 numerical adj value n
1491 numerous adj studies n
1492 objective adj criteria n
1493 objective adj reality n
1494 obtain v data n
1495 obtain v information n
1496 obtain (a) v result n
1497 obvious adj difference n
1498 obvious adj example n
1499 obvious adj point n
1500 obvious adj reason n
1501 occur v frequently adv
1502 occur v naturally adv
1503 offer v insight n (into)
1504 offer (an) v opportunity n
1505 official adj statistics n
1506 once adv established vpp
1507 ongoing adj debate n
1508 ongoing adj process n
1509 online adj access n
1510 online adj database n
1511 online adj journal n
1512 online adj version n
1513 open adj access n
1514 opening adj chapter n
1515 opening adj section n
1516 opinion n leader n
1517 optimal adj solution n
1518 oral adj history n
1519 oral adj presentation n
1520 organising adj principle n
1521 organizational adj structure n
1522 original adj author n
1523 original adj context n
1524 original adj data n
1525 original adj intent n
1526 original adj meaning n
1527 original adj model n
1528 original adj position n
1529 original adj research n
1530 original adj source n
1531 original adj text n
1532 original adj version n


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