PTE Academic reading collocation list 9

PTE Academic collocation

PTE collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1533 original adj work n
1534 (be) originally adv developed vpp
1535 (be) originally adv intended vpp
1536 overall adj aim n
1537 overall adj effect n
1538 overall adj level n
1539 overall adj performance n
1540 overall adj picture n
1541 overall adj rate n
1542 overall adj structure n
1543 overwhelming adj majority n
1544 paid adj employment n
1545 (be of) paramount adj importance n
1546 particular adj area n
1547 particular adj aspect n
1548 particular adj emphasis n
1549 particular adj feature n
1550 particular adj focus n
1551 particular adj individual n
1552 particular adj meaning n
1553 particularly adv acute adj
1554 particularly adv apparent adj
1555 particularly adv appropriate adj
1556 (be) particularly adv concerned vpp (with)
1557 particularly adv effective adj
1558 (be) particularly adv evident adj
1559 particularly adv influential adj
1560 particularly adv relevant adj
1561 particularly adv sensitive adj
1562 particularly adv significant adj
1563 particularly adv striking adj
1564 particularly adv successful adj
1565 (be) particularly adv suited vpp (to)
1566 particularly adv useful adj
1567 particularly adv valuable adj
1568 (be) partly adv responsible adj (for)
1569 party n leader n
1570 past adj research n
1571 peace n treaty n
1572 perceived adj importance n
1573 perceived adj need n
1574 perceived adj threat n
1575 perform (a) v function n
1576 perform (a) v study n
1577 perform (a) v task n
1578 personal adj choice n
1579 personal adj circumstances n
1580 personal adj communication n
1581 personal adj contact n
1582 personal adj control n
1583 personal adj experience n
1584 personal adj information n
1585 personal adj interest n
1586 personal adj knowledge n
1587 personal adj quality n
1588 personal adj relationship n
1589 personal adj responsibility n
1590 personal adj safety n
1591 personal adj space n


PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1592 physical adj activity n
1593 physical adj appearance n
1594 physical adj characteristics n
1595 physical adj contact n
1596 physical adj development n
1597 physical adj environment n
1598 physical adj features n
1599 physical adj health n
1600 physical adj needs n
1601 physical adj presence n
1602 physical adj properties n
1603 physical adj proximity n
1604 physical adj science n
1605 physical adj space n
1606 physical adj symptom n
1607 physical adj world n
1608 pilot n study n
1609 pioneering adj work n
1610 pivotal adj role n
1611 place v emphasis n
1612 planning n stage n
1613 plausible adj explanation n
1614 play (a) v role n (in)
1615 political adj activism n
1616 political adj activity n
1617 political adj agenda n
1618 political adj arena n
1619 political adj authority n
1620 political adj circumstances n
1621 political adj climate n
1622 political adj conflict n
1623 political adj consciousness n
1624 political adj consensus n
1625 political adj consequences n
1626 political adj consideration n
1627 political adj context n
1628 political adj culture n
1629 political adj debate n
1630 political adj dimension n
1631 political adj economy n
1632 political adj environment n
1633 political adj factors n
1634 political adj identity n
1635 political adj ideology n
1636 political adj implications n
1637 political adj instability n
1638 political adj institution n
1639 political adj leader n
1640 political adj mobilization n
1641 political adj movement n
1642 political adj organization n
1643 political adj participation n
1644 political adj party n
1645 political adj philosophy n
1646 political adj reality n
1647 political adj reform n
1648 political adj representation n
1649 political adj significance n
1650 political adj spectrum n

PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1651 political adj stability n
1652 political adj status n
1653 political adj structure n
1654 politically adv correct adj
1655 (be) politically adv motivated vpp
1656 (be) poorly adv understood vpp
1657 popular adj culture n
1658 popular adj media n
1659 pose (a) v challenge n
1660 pose (a) v problem n
1661 pose (a) v question n
1662 pose (a) v threat n (to)
1663 positive adj action n
1664 positive adj aspect n
1665 positive adj attitude n
1666 positive adj connotation n
1667 positive adj correlation n
1668 positive adj discrimination n
1669 positive adj effect n
1670 positive adj feature n
1671 positive adj feedback n
1672 positive adj image n
1673 positive adj impact n
1674 positive adj influence n
1675 positive adj outcome n
1676 positive adj relationship n
1677 positive adj result n
1678 positive adj value n
1679 positive adj view n
1680 (be) positively adv associated vpp (with)
1681 (be) positively adv correlated vpp (with)
1682 possible adj consequences n
1683 possible adj explanation n
1684 possible adj outcome n
1685 possible adj source n
1686 potential adj benefits n
1687 potential adj conflict n
1688 potential adj customer n
1689 potential adj harm n
1690 potential adj impact n
1691 potential adj problem n
1692 potential adj risk n
1693 potential adj source n
1694 potential adj value n
1695 potentially adv dangerous adj
1696 powerful adj force n
1697 powerful adj group n
1698 powerful adj influence n
1699 powerful adj tool n
1700 practical adj consideration n
1701 practical adj difficulties n
1702 practical adj issue n
1703 practical adj significance n
1704 preceding adj chapter n
1705 preceding adj discussion n
1706 preceding adj section n
1707 precise adj definition n
1708 precise adj nature n
1709 predictive adj power n


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