PTE Academic reading multiple choice multiple answers practice 1

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PTE Academic multiple choice multiple  answers practice


1.Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

1.Science and Technology – pros

The development of science and technology in this century has led men into many inventions and discoveries. Man today has also penetrated outer space. It is true that science and technology have developed tremendously in this last century. In the field of engineering, for example, the automobile has been invented as a means of easier, more comfortable and faster movement from one place to another. Apart from that, methods and instruments for diagnosing diseases and promoting hygiene and sanitation have helped to reduce mortality rate and improve living conditions. In the field of electronics, the invention of the computer is a remarkable achievement. The use of computers in economic activities can be carried out faster and more effectively.

Science and Technology – the Cons 

However, in spite of the laudable contributions and lofty accomplishments of technology, it has, nevertheless, succeeded in introducing several anomalies and in some cases, reduced the value attached to human life. In our age, social life has been greatly altered by technological changes such as the invention of nuclear warheads. Those who support the invention of nuclear armaments claim that the only way to maintain peace is to be battle ready. Humanity is greatly threatened and terrorized by the invention of the nuclear warhead. People now live in dread of the hour, as no one knows when a conflict may arise between nations, which may lead to the use of the nuclear bomb assumed to possess the capacity of wiping out humanity within the twinkling of an eye.

Which of the following statements about science and technology can be supported from the text?

1.Scientific truth has always prevailed over hypotheses and conjectures.

2.The nuclear arsenal has the potential to destroy all that we have achieved so far.

  1. Social life and use of technology are inter-related.

4.Offence is, without doubt, the best form of defence.

5.The development of science and technology has been an unmixed blessing.

2.Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Museums have come to be accepted and recognized as the best equipped institutions devised by man for the assemblage of cultural objects and their presentation and preservation for the present and future generations.

They are being gradually transformed into a cultural reality. Thus, just as one goes to the theatre for plays and other performing arts; the mosque, the church or the shrine for worship; the library for the printed words, today to the museum one goes to see evidence of man’s material outfit. For, no other institution or place so readily comes to mind as museums do when evidence of material culture is sought. Herein lies the importance of museums as cultural institutions and an agency for transmitting culture.


Which of the following statements in respect of museums are true as per the text?

1.Museums are showpieces of a culture’s achievements.

2.Museums like libraries are less visited today than they were in the past.

3.Museums are the most visible and best known testimony of cultural heritage.

4.A museum is an agency for transmitting cultural heritage.

5.Museums are agents of change.

3.Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

How is the bookseller to tell what, in an enormous output, will prove saleable, before the full weight of unsold items affects the balance of his business, and how is he, at the same time, to hold a stock large enough to enable the public to choose freely? He may seek to escape from this dilemma by becoming the passive sales representative of large publishing houses or distribution networks, but he is then no longer a bookseller. He may take refuge in the sale of safe items to a restricted circle of customers, but he thereby cuts himself off from all that is vital in his trade and dooms himself to mediocrity and stagnation. On the other hand, he may protect his business from the danger of idle stock by speculating on the latest publications, but this is a dangerous game in that it implies a constantly changing clientele: readers remain faithful to their own discoveries and failure to follow up a book; an author or a type of literature means dismissing the public responsible for their success.

This brings us back to the fact that books are indefinable.

Which of the following statements in respect of a bookseller are true as per the text?

  1. He can cut his losses and achieve sustained growth through stocking of safe items.
  2. The safest and most business friendly course for him is to become part of a distribution network.
  3. Speculating about the success of latest publications will be a relatively risk-free preposition.
  4. He has to walk a tight rope.
  5. Reader’s preferences have always to be kept into consideration.

4.Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

The learning of a foreign language should be an integral part of every university student’s education. As a discipline, it affords the mind excellent training. It utilizes skills needed in so many other subjects: the concentration required for memorizing music (not to mention developing the ear for tone and pitch); the logical thinking for resolving mathematical problems, even the deductive reasoning capabilities needed to comprehend philosophical concepts. The mind is stretched through the simple act of learning the grammatical patterns, vocabulary and phonological system of a language. At the same time, the student of a foreign language is acquiring a useful tool. This tool has a double advantage, for while most people (especially teachers) expound on the rewards of being able to communicate in a second, third or fourth language, perhaps the more promising of the two, is being able to understand and hopefully appreciate another cultural group through their literature, their music and customs all of which are best assimilated through the medium of their language.

Which of the following statements about learning of a foreign language can be supported from the text?

  1. It enhances mind’s orientation to art and music.
  2. It helps explore scope for cultural compatibility.
  3. It enhances easy and speedy comprehension of other subjects.
  4. The more the number of languages one knows, the greater the level of scholarship.
  5. The benefits go well beyond the academics.

PTE Academic reading multiple choice multiple answers exercise

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