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PTE Academic reading re order practice sample 13

re order practice

PTE Academic reading re order practice exercise


Re order practice 1

1 He thought, ‘It would be such a waste if nobody wants to buy the wool.’

2  Then an old woman came over. She also wanted a bag full of wool.

3  A short while later, a little boy arrived.

4  One day, the black sheep noticed that he had some more wool left.

5   That afternoon, an old man came over to his wooden shed to see him.

6  He wanted one bag full of the black sheep’s wool.

Re order practice 2

1 One silly goat was on one side.

2 There was a narrow bridge over a river in the village.

3 There lived two silly goats in a village.

4 The other one was on the other side.

5 One day, the goats wanted to cross the bridge.

6 Let us enjoy reading this story of Two Silly Goats.

Re order practice 3

1 ” So the mother goat left her dear children and went into the forest.

2 He often disguises himself.

3 ” The little goats replied, “Dear mother, we will be very careful and obey your words.

4 But you can make him out by his rough voice and his black feet.

5 If he comes here he will eat you all up.

6  The little goats locked their house carefully from inside and shut the windows tightly.

7 You may go away without any fear.


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