PTE Academic speaking read aloud practice sample 6


PTE Academic speaking read aloud practice sample


1.Life begins and ends with two worlds: birth and death. People say live in a way that you feel the tingle of life all the time. There is an expression that when we had given birth we as babies were crying and others were laughing but we should live in a way that when we are dying we laugh and other’s cry. But when I think about my life time and the happiest moment’s of my life I think I remember my childhood. The reason’s are I didn’t have any responsibilities, I felt secure and I had very close and good relationships.The first thing that makes a life more happier is not having responsibilities. When Someone is child, during the childhood that person doesn’t have any responsibilities, not about the future and not about the past. In grownup world you had a past that sometimes makes you responsible about the future or you have a present time that require you to take many actions Such as taking care of others or paying for mortgage and other life necessities. In grownup life sometimes you work very hard to achieve a goal but you don’t get the result and you fail on that.

2.Another thing that makes life more happier during the childhood is that most of the time parent’s on that age take care of children. So children feel secure and free to spend their life the way they want. When someone is child their demands are limited so they feel they have what they want and that’s a good feeling. When you become a grownup your needs become bigger and sometimes not possible to achieve.The third reason that childhood was the pleasant time of my childhood was because I had very good friends. Friendships in childhood are very close and not based on what you do or who you are. It’s pure feeling that makes the friendship.I think all people when they remember their childhood find it as happiest period of their life time because when you don’t feel stress and you feel secure that makes a life very happy.

3.Now day, the development of technology make everything change and progress from the past. So, these make the way of our lives change from the way of our parents’ lives. The way of our life is more competitive and more convenient.The first thing that I feel the difference between my way of life and my parent of life is the competition in the society. I have to compete with other people since I was in a elementary school. I have to study hard to enter in a good school and I have to participate in extra-activities because it is popular that children have the special skills such as speaking foreign languages, playing music instruments or having sport skills. So, I have to do whatever people in that day were doing. It has less chance to have time play with friend and don’t have to think about our future like my parents’ lives. However, I understand that why most parents have to push their children. The world is changing from the past and people have increased much more than the past. If you want to survive in this community, you have to be better off than other people.

4.The development of high technology effects us a lot in our lives. Following the improvement, the widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before. As a result, our lives are very different from those of our great-grandparents. So, the increase in the availability of information in Internet influence life by so many ways.As it known to all, Internet bring us a lot of information which make the world smaller. Everyday, we only need sit before computer and browse what has happened in every corner of the world. So, the Internet is a rapid and cost-effective to communicate over great distances. This is one effect of the Internet has been its impact on the communication aspect.

5.Another one is the influence of business trade, which connect all world-wide companies together to enhance the development of universal economy. Nowadays, many business contracts are signed in Internet. The leader of every company needn’t lead a flier life for signing a contract. So, from this aspect, the convenience of Internet also lessen the traffic congestion and air pollution indirectly.Finally, the greatest effect of the availability of information of Interest is it simplifies a task. It provides us such rich information that we can find many solutions which bring countless conveniences. And then, we can consider the solution and connect it to our own idea which I think will make a perfect answer to the problem. To sum up, the increase in the availability of information influence life in today’s world so much that we can’t live easily without the help of it. It effects personal life, business life and national life. No other product or event can affect so many people. I believe firmly that its influence is felt all over the world and still continue to grow in the future life.

Please read aloud in your natural accent and try not to repeat words and take little pause for comma and period.


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