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PTE Academic summarize written text practice paragraphs 34

PTE Academic summarize written text practice paragraphs

PTE Academic summarize written text practice paragraphs. Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.State governments in Australia have taken steps to incentivise digital deployment, achieving reasonable success in improving the accuracy and collection of information, reducing investigation times and minimising duplicated tests and documents.

Queensland Government’s eHealth Investment has met with some notable success, as demonstrated by Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital, which is well on its digitisation journey and is scheduled to become fully digital early in 2017, making it the first digital public hospital in Australia.

All states and territories have had some degree of success, and these efforts are to be congratulated; however, the most important benefits of a digitised healthcare system will only be fully realised when a majority of institutions support the technology. That’s what will really facilitate integrated, cross-institutional medical treatment.

2.German scientists developed the V2 rocket during the latter part of World War II. This powerful rocket was capable of sending an armed missile across a great distance without the use of aircraft. Following World War II, both the US and USSR brought some of these rocket scientists out of Germany and sent them to work in science labs with scientists from those nations. Their objective was to build rockets capable of carrying a vehicle into space. The launch of Sputnik by the USSR on October 4, 1957, was a complete surprise to the USA since all launches done by the Soviet Union were done in secret. It was labeled the Second Moon since it orbited the Earth about once every 90 minutes. It appeared as a faint star crossing the night sky west to east. This was a huge blow to Americans because a communist country had beaten them into space. The second surprise came a month later when Sputnik II was launched, this time with the dog Laika aboard. This put the space race into high gear as the US and USSR began to build bigger and better launch vehicles. The winner was the first nation to place a person on the moon

3.The arrival of robotic process automation (RPA) has met with much hand-wringing over its potential to displace human labour. Some headlines even adopt a 1950s science fiction flavour in heralding the oncoming march of automatons poised to steal our jobs.

These proclamations, while entertaining, don’t completely reflect the realities or possibilities of RPA. For one, the new generation of RPA doesn’t resemble the robots of popular culture – it mostly takes the form of software applications.

For another, large-scale adoption of the technology may have a much sunnier effect: it could bring previously outsourced services back onshore, potentially creating new jobs rather than eliminating them.

4.Old Stone Age, the earliest period of human development and the longest phase of mankind’s history. It is approximately coextensive with the Pleistocene geologic epoch, beginning about 2 million years ago and ending in various places between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago, when it was succeeded by the Mesolithic period. By far the most outstanding feature of the Paleolithic period was the evolution of the human species from an apelike creature, or near human, to true Homo sapiens. This development was exceedingly slow and continued through the three successive divisions of the period, the Lower, Middle, and Upper Paleolithic. The most abundant remains of Paleolithic cultures are a variety of stone tools whose distinct characteristics provide the basis for a system of classification containing several tool making traditions or industries.

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PTE Academic summarize written text practice paragraphs


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21 thoughts on “PTE Academic summarize written text practice paragraphs 34

  1. Hi Admin, Please review my summarize written text. I am targeting 65.

    1. State governments of Australia have succeeded in digital deployment by scheduling Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital to become fully digital in early 2017, however, its benefits can be only enjoyed once all institutions support the technology.

    2. US and USSR developed rockets capable of travelling into space where USSR surprised USA by launching Sputnik which orbited earth every 90 minutes and then by Sputnik II which raised competition between them for developing bigger vehicles.

    3. Robotic process automation have raised threats for losing people jobs, in fact it contradicts as RPA is the form of software application and by adopting technology may effect positively by creating new jobs.

    4. Old Stone Age is the longest human development period supported by Mesolithic period where evolution of human species from ape is considered to be salient feature with a variety of stone tools helped in traditions from the remains of Paleolithic cultures.

    1. 1 Query, in 3rd summarize, can we write short form RPA if once we have mentioned Robotic process automation earlier?

  2. Australian state government took an initiative to manage all medical institutional data at centralized repository to avoid unwanted diagnosis and documentation but other institutions must cooperate this approach to get great success.

    1. Australian state governments initiated to digitize the electronic health care records to attain prosperity and this will help them to manage accurate data, but this mission only can get succeed with the help of other institutions’cooperation.

  3. Australian state governments initiated to digitize the electronic health care records to attain prosperity and this will help them to manage accurate data, but this mission required much cooperation from other medical institutions to reach expectation.

  4. Robotic process automation (RPA), which many people thought to be a threat to human jobs was actually in the form of software applications and it indeed showed signs of bringing back old outsourced jobs.

  5. Hi admin , h r u? Plz check the only one written text so i have idea about my performance ..thanx and regards.vijay

    Australian state government has initiated for digital deployment by scheduling in the Brisbane ‘ princess Alexandra hospital which will become fully digital early in 2017,but it will require technology support from many institutions.

  6. 1. The advantages of digital healthcare systems are only enjoyed by few states in Australia, however the real benefits can only be realized when entire healthcare system of the country adopted this technology and become independent.

    2. The launch of Sputnik I and II, which was initially developed by Germany, made the two countries US and USSR rivals and hence begin the race as who put the man in space first.

    3. The new generation robot process automation instead of referring to actual robots takes the form of software as well as open new job opportunities contrary to what was expected or predicted in 1950.

    4. The most significant aspect of Paleolithic period is the evolution of humans which took up 3 successive stages and in which various stone tools developed that served as the basis of traditions or industries.

    Hi Admin, Can you please rate these ?

        1. By the way we would be really grateful to you if you can show us how 79+ rated Summarized Text looks like ? in order to help us target our weak zones !

          I have been following your portal from the last 4-5 months, and these are great help. Keep it and once again Thanks a Many !

  7. Hi admin , h r u? I am planning to give PTE exam , can you Plz check the only one written text so i have idea about my performance ..thanx and regards Archna
    The step is already taken in Australia to digitize in health care sector however to achieve the target when a majority of institutions should support the technology.

    1. Hi Archana
      You can use commas and conjunctions for summary.
      Above summary is good but use commas and conjunctions

  8. Hi Admin, i tried to summarize all the four paragraphs. Can you please assist me where currently i stand so i can improve my self
    1. Initiative steps are already taken in Australia toward digitalization in health care sector however to achieve the target completely, majority of institution required to support the technology.

    2. Race to be best in space between US and USSR was started since world war II, Both tried to launch vehicles bigger and better from other where USSR was bitten by US inspite of launch of SPUTNIK 1 and II as US became the first nation who place a person to moon.

    3. At start Robotic Automation was became an headline as many believed that it will steal their jobs however slowly people understand that it will potentially creating new jobs rather than eliminating them as it mostly takes the form of software application.

    4. Paleolithic epoch was the period where not only evaluation for humans from ape like species to near human happens but also variety of stone tools were making tradition or industry which hlp the development of humans.

  9. State governments of Australia promoting deployment of healthcare system because it collects accurate and efficient information and some of them got a great success, but that benefit can only been seen once majority of institutions adopts the digitization.

  10. The US and USSR hired some of the German scientists because they wanted to build a rocket that can carry vehicle into the space, subsequently, USSR launched two rocket secretly which surprised US and Americans felt like defeated, but USA took revenge by successfully landing a men on the moon.

  11. Some people asserts based on the fiction writing that the robotic process automation will steal the jobs because it will replace human with machine, whereas according to others such automation is beneficial as it has potential to bring outsourced job back.

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