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PTE Academic writing practice-summarize written text samples 83

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.International tourist visitation in Australia is at record highs, and spending by tourists (particularly from China) is exploding as well. This is giving Australia’s retail sector a big boost. The strong growth in tourism over recent years is expected to continue during 2017, adding a key supplementary market for Australia’s retailers. But tourists also exacerbate Australian retailers’ vulnerability to international competition.

As more tourists arrive onshore, more international retailers want to come along for the ride as well. Still, strong growth in tourism is welcome news in an otherwise harsh landscape. Domestic retail sales demand remains sluggish, as record low wage growth, high levels of household debt, and uncertainty over interest rates and house prices are keeping overall spend growth low.


3.A vibrant night economy, including cultural activities, dining, socialising, and shopping experiences, is a feature of most world class cities. It benefits residents by improving access to events and services, as well as attracting visitors from around Australia and overseas.The night economy provides a significant contribution to Sydney and the wider NSW economy. The turnover associated with core businesses like food, drink and entertainment venues was $2.7 billion in 2009, while non-core businesses, including transport, accommodation and shopping generated a further $12.4 billion of turnover. Together, these account for 28.4% of all jobs in the City of Sydney (City of Sydney 2011).
Transport availability is crucial to support the night economy, and taxis are one of the most frequently used modes of transport home. They are particularly important after around 1am, when trains shut down and bus services are reduced.Taxi services perform an important safety function through the provision of safe and reliable services to people staying out late at night. This leads to lower drink driving, reduced anti-social behaviour and also safe transport for late night workers.

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20 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing practice-summarize written text samples 83

  1. Australia is getting boost through tourism which in turn showing great growth in retail sector, this is important else they have to face several problems at domestic front as there is a great competition as well.

  2. The funds created by NSW industry through their private sector is helping the other upstream industries to boost their economy by providing subsidy.

  3. Transportation is one of the key factor to boost night economy which involves various activities, which provides significant contribution to the state economy.

  4. Recent boost in tourists in Australia are responsible for the growth of the retails sector but they have to face international competition as well, comparatively the domestic retail sales remain slow moving.

  5. The NSW taxi industry, funded by the fares paid by the passengers, as half of the amount is distributed in the sector, which in turn helps boosts economic activity for other various upstream industries.

  6. Most world class cities,benefit abundantly from night economy with core business such as food, entertainment and drinks but transportation contributes significantly as well to support night economy by providing reliable and safe services to late night crowds.

  7. Australian retail industry is boosted due to international visitots, which is creating more competition despite of slow growth and uncertainity in local market.

  8. Despite of no funding from government, taxi industry is providing economic boost and employement for other industries.

  9. Although, night economy provide enormous benefits to NSW economy but taxis provides key mode of trasportation after certain hours.

  10. Australian domestic market sees a large influx of international tourists, boosting local retain sales while making the domestic retain sector more prone to competition from international retailers.

  11. Although Australia tourism industry flourishing and pumping up the retail sector especially by Chinese but also advent of international retailers making domestic retails miserable as low overall growth rate affected by high debt, interest and housing prices.

  12. NSW taxi industry bear no government funding instead private agency under Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme helps by providing subsidies to some passengers so as to distribute the fare equally to the driver and to other relying industries.

  13. The role of Taxi Services in Australia becomes critical after 1am to support night economy that employs more than quarter of natives, to ensure safety for night workers and reducing anti-social behaviour, when other transport services shutdown.

  14. The tourism industry in Australia is booming, which is also good for Australia’s retail sector; however, the local retail sales show low wage growth and high household debts.

    1. The NSW Taxi industry is funded by the private sector from the fares paid by passengers, and the NSW Government does not provide any funding to the industry.

  15. Increase in international tourists to Australia is boosting retail business and also attracting competition from international retailers, as a result, there is an impact on domestic retailers and on their cost of living.

  16. The funds generated by the NSW taxi industry is proportionally distributed among drivers, automotive parts suppliers, mechanics etc. as there is no direct support from the government.

  17. Taxi’s are playing a crucial role in boosting the vibrant night economy by providing safe transportation and also by safeguarding the visitors from harassment, especially, during late night.

  18. Despite low domestic retail sales demands affected by various factors, Australian retail sector will keep booming with unexpected growth in number of tourists that shown a lot of interest in this sector.

  19. During late hours when public transportation stopped operating, taxi services in Sydney became critical to support city’s night economy which ensure reliable and safe travelling when extreme situations arises after dark.

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