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1.The ongoing conflict between two mega cola companies is known to all. All carbonated beverages generally lie under the flagship of two champs in this field, Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo. The brand conflict has furthered to a great extent. The lust to dominate does not extend to supermarkets alone. The turmoil extends from control over restaurants supply of colas to supplies to big countries. The rivalry is for global control. This long battle to sweep the global market has lasted for decades. It seems as legendary as the conflict of good and evil. But the choice depends on consumers’ taste buds. The consumer taste criteria adjudge what is ‘good’ and what is the ‘evil’.
Both Coca cola and PepsiCo leave no stone unturned. They go to the extent of deterring the rival company on URLs and through commercials. Despite all the convulsive episodes, and both companies claiming the ball to be in their court, the consumer i.e. the jury is still undecided who rules the market.
The steaming competition is forcing the companies to launch new products. The companies are daily remodelling their marketing strategy. Through commercials, promotional campaigns and consumer benefit schemes they want to take the market with a stride but the judgment of the winner lies with the rising sales, profits and consumer loyalty. They are trying to increase the market share in other beverage categories.
The war to lead the market goes on.



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2.The rains, at length, in a great measure cease; but it requires some months for the water to run off and leave the valley dry. As soon as it is gone, there springs up from the whole surface of the ground which has been thus submerged a most rank and luxuriant vegetation. This vegetation, now wholly regulated and controlled by the hand of man, must have been, in its original and primeval state, of a very peculiar character. It must have consisted of such plants only as could exist under the condition of having the soil in which they grew laid, for a quarter of the year, wholly under water. This circumstance, probably, prevented the valley of the Nile from having been, like other fertile tracts of land, encumbered, in its native state, with forests or with wild beasts.
This most extraordinary valley seems thus to have been formed and preserved by Nature herself for the special possession of man. She herself seems to have held it in reserve for him from the very morning of creation, refusing admission into it to every plant and every animal that might hinder or disturb his occupancy and control. And if he were to abandon it now for a thousand years, and then return to it once more, he would find it just as he left it, ready for his immediate possession. There would be no wild beasts that he must first expel, and no tangled forests would have sprung up, that his axe must first remove. Nature is the husbandman who keeps this garden of the world in order.

summarize written text

3.To examine the organs of digestion one needs to study the appetite and manner of taking food and drink. A healthy animal has good appetite. Loss of appetite does not point to a diseased condition but comes from a variety of causes, some might be physiological. Excitement, strange surroundings, fatigue and hot weather may all cause loss of appetite. Sometimes depression, fever, weakness, stomach disorders or difficulty in swallowing also cause diminished appetite. A few times there is desire to eat abnormal things like roots, grass, soil due to chronic disturbance of nutrition, and it is variably linked to one’s psychological aspects also. In times of inward happiness one tends to binge more on food but in times of turmoil and tension one loses the desire to eat even if hunger persists. At times, thirst faces this imbalance as well. Especially in times of crisis or shock your mouth goes dry. So, hunger loss can not only be connected with appetite loss due to disease, there are profound psychic disturbances also attributing to its fall.

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  1. 3) Loss of hunger can be caused by health and physiological problems, and people may lose interest on food in the condition of shock or crisis even they feel hungry.

  2. 1) A dispute between giant cola companies regarding to invade top position in global market, however, both are changing market strategies to augment sales, profits and customer gratification.

  3. (1) There is thunderous war is going on between two major carbonated beverages companies, Coca Cola and Pepsi to establish their dominance in the market which have touched each and every field and sector of economy for their marketing since decades and still it is not decisive who is winner in this race because ultimate power lies in the hands of consumer.

    (2) The nature is creator and developer of it natural beauty, having supreme power to maintain and control it by various resources like rain, sun, vegetation and plantation but human being is such a ridiculous habitat on the earth who always tries to disturb the cycle set by the divinity which in turn hamper the climate circumstances beyond control.

    (3) Loss of Appetite is one of the most dangerous situations created artificially by a person for healthy digestive system of the body, caused by several factors and circumstances like physiological, surrounding, fatigue, weather and tension which invite numerous diseases in the body.

  4. The Competition, to capture the global market of beverages, has been running from decade. Major player like Coca cola and Pepsico have been trying all possible means to project themselves as winner.Howevere customer choice indicates that no clear winner can be declared in beverage market currently.
    This ongoing competition have resulted in better marketing strategies and consumer benefit schemes to rise company’s market share and profit along with customer confidence.

    1. The Competition to capture the global market of beverages between two major players Coca cola and Pepsico have resulted in better consumer benefit schemes to rise company’s market share however customer choice indicates that no clear winner can be declared in beverage market currently.

  5. Our organs of digestion system are linked to our eating habbit and appetite. A diminshed appetite indicates either some disease or physiological imbalance in the human body.
    This physiological imbalance result in abnormal eating desire where person may feel extremely hungry sometimes or no hunger at all.

    1. Our organs of digestion system are linked to our appetite and a diminshed appetite indicates either some disease or physiological imbalance in the human body which may result in abnormal eating desire where a person may feel extremely hungry sometimes or no hunger at all.

  6. The most popular Coca cola and Pepsi companies are doing business on beverages with high competition to get the global control, although it extended to rivalry and discouraging on each other’s in websites and commercials, this ongoing competition resulted to produce the new products for customers and good beneficiary schemes, finally there business relays on consumer’s decision.

  7. Despite being global leaders in carbonated beverages, they compete with innovative strategies to conquer the other beverage market globally.

  8. The two cola companies have involves salt in a drink base upon their customer tastes requirement and sell to the supermarket, however, there is high demand, companies wants to increase more profit, they are launching new product and remodelling it.

    The healthy person eat food and drink with the help of appetite, if there is loss of appetite, the people might causes through depression, weakness and many more such diseases and hence people also not be hungry.

  9. Digestion and appetite are not solely dependent on whether someone has a particular disease, but on every aspect of one’s daily life including but not limited to their surroundings, physiological and psychological state, how you are feeling affects whether you feel hungry which in turn determines what, how often and how much you eat.

  10. The Valley of the Nile is submerged underwater for 3 months per year due to the rains, this prevents it from having established plants, trees and wildlife making it an ideal and easy place for farmers to plant the crops of their choice as no clearing or expelling of wild animals needs to be done.

  11. The two main global beverage companies Coca Cola and PepsiCo have been in a war to gain the biggest market share for decades and is still ongoing although ultimately the decision of the winner is up to the consumer, more recently and in a bid to increase their market they have expanded their beverage selection, so it is now not just about two brands of Cola but many different brands of soft drinks.

  12. The two mega cola companies Coca Cola and PepsiCo have been in rivalry for global control for decades and they are working on remodelling their strategies to be the winner in the market by various campaigns and schemes which benefit the consumer but still the war goes on as it is still undecided who rules the market. (57 words)

  13. Loss of appetite does not mean a diseased condition but can be from various causes like fatigue, depression, stomach disorder and can also be due to psychological aspects.

  14. the steaming competition between coca cola and Pepsi regarding their position in the global market,makes them remoulding their marketing strategies frequently,to get the customeres satisfaction and to win the race

  15. To attract more global market, world’s top selling Cola brands are constantly introduce new products using various promotional strategies in order to attract the customers and primarily compete with other brands.

  16. The competition to capture global beverages market between coca cola and Pepsi which is running from a decade has led to the improvement in their consumer benefit schemes to raise companies market share, however the ultimate choice indicates that there is no winner in the beverage market.

  17. The competition between coca cola and Pepsi to capture global beverages market which is running from a decade has led to the improvement in their consumer benefit schemes to raise companies market share, however the ultimate choice indicates that there is no winner in the beverage market.

  18. Loss of appetite not only points to diseased condition but also comes from physiological condition, fever, weakness which results in extreme eating desire or no hunger at all.

  19. Loss of appetite not only points to diseased condition but also comes from physiological condition, fever, weakness which results in extreme hunger or no desire to eat at all.

  20. The tough competition still going on in the market between two big soft drinks giants Coca cola and Pepsi Co where these two rival companies are trying to attract the customers and expand the market by using strategies such as launching new products, holding commercial campaigns and offering consumer benefit schemes; however it is the end consumers who decides the winner in this race.

  21. Diseased condition is not only a reason for loss of appetite but also comes from physiological conditions such as weakness which results in extreme eating desire or no hunger at all.

  22. In the process of understanding digestion it is observed that Appetite loss cannot be connected only to hunger loss, but also happens due to physic disturbances and physiological disturbances like excitement, strange surrounding and fatigue.

  23. 1.The rivalry between Coca Cola Co & PepsiCo to become the market leaders in the world of beverages is going on for decades and in order to achieve this target, both are utilizing their best of the marketing strategies in one way or other which can help them to maximize their profits, sales and consumer loyalty as these are the important criteria for their success.

  24. 2.The Nile valley is considered to be the unique in its nature to deliver the most fertile land after being submerged in water for 3 months as it is free from any wild plants and animals which is a natural gift to the farmers to cultivate his desired crops.

  25. 3.Disease, stomach disorders & fever are not the only reasons for loss of appetite but it can be due to various psychological problems, mental tensions, shocks and change in weather conditions which leads to hunger loss and thus affects our digestive system.

  26. 2. Nile valley is extraordinary as it wholly preserved by nature herself that offers farmers to provide luxurious vegetation without any wild disturbance.

  27. 3. Generally, the reasons of loss of appetite are not only diseased conditions, but it also comes from various causes like psychological and physiological aspects.

  28. Coca Cola Company and Pepsico. are in conflict to dominate each other leaving no stone unturned, are promoting their new products to increase market share.

  29. Loss of appetite is not a condition of disease but it can be due to other reasons as excitement, fatigue, sickness and so on and the same imbalance is faced by thirst aswell due to psychological factors.

  30. Water from the rain prevented Nile valley from plants and wild animals for a quarter of the year, for the man to take its possession and even after thousand years of abandoning it.

  31. The war between two beverage brands Coca cola limited and PepsiCo lasting from a decade with them imploding various stratagies by dominating over supermarkets to trying to take overall global control, but the final deciding judgement relies on the customer who is the jury in deciding the global market leader.

  32. Man has been causing many disturbances to nature in various forms possible, but nature has the capacity to rejuvenates itself and preserver good habitats in order for humans to take immediate possession, a good example of such in valley of Nile.

  33. 3 .IT is irrefutable that loss of appetite is due to some disturbance in the body such as psychological disorder,tension,disease condition but sometimes excessive happiness may also a loss of appetite.

  34. 1)Coca Cola and PepsiCo are the two arch rivals who want to control the globe, by introducing new strategy ,marketing about their product and letting the decision to be made by consumer.

  35. 3)Physiological and psychological factors plays an vital role in determining the appetite and thirst of an organism,which are crucial for the study of digestion.

  36. The battle to sweep global market of all carbonated beverage lies between Cola and Pepsi, to become a market leader new marketing tactics applies to make loyal consumer base, but this rivalry war is ongoing because ultimate power lies in the hand of consumers.

  37. 1. The endless struggle of dominating global market by Coca Cola and Pepsi Co. is renowned, which can be easily reflected through their rapidly changing and implementing innovative marketing and sales strategies, still customers are in dilemma whom to consider as market

  38. Appetite loss does not only come through disease, but other factors also affect the hunger such as anxiety, physical and mental stress, imbalance food intake, weather, etc.

  39. Long persisting struggle for eminent market position, by Coca cola company and PepsiCo, has intensified with episodes of maligning each other; to launching new products; in order to rule the global and local markets, however it is rising sales, profits and consumer choices that will decide the leader.

  40. Nature, herself protect the Nile valley for man, which remains underwater for quarter of year, comprising luxuriant vegetation, from the wild animals and haphazard growth of forests in its pristine and original state.

  41. The valley, which must have been in its original form, is now handled by human beings instead of nature; therefore, it is prevented being encumbered with forest or wild beasts.

  42. The jury of two mega cola companies who use different tactics from marketing strategy to promotional campaigning to dominate control over global market is yet undecided.

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