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PTE reading re order practice exercise 29

PTE reading re order practice exercise

PTE reading re order practice exercise.The text below have been placed in a random order. Re order paragraphs in the original order.


A. Cleaner nations will become richer and their economies grow faster than dirty nations.

B. If Africa were to burn its own coal reserves, the resultant carbon emissions would cause trillions of dollars of damage to the rest of the world.

C.  A global carbon market will create a new global system of economic values

D. But if the developed world can’t clean up the globe on its own, it can create market conditions that make reduction in carbon emissions an economic priority for every nation

E. Of course, the US – and all developed nations for that matter – can’t solve the emissions problem alone.


A. These children may look normal but their brain development and immune systems most certainly are not.

B. The media focus on children who are desperately thin and obviously wasting away means that chronic under nutrition – just as deadly – can be overlooked.

C. In the same regions, about 7%-15% of children suffer from wasting.

D. Their stunted height is a grisly marker of multiple deprivations regarding food intake, care and play, clean water, good sanitation and health care.

E. Approximately 40% of all children under five in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are short for their age.


A. Instead, the new machines test for viral load, to verify if the virus is in the blood.

B. So, it is not possible to confirm whether the baby is positive.

C. Adults are normally diagnosed on the basis of antibodies, but when babies are born they still have those of their mother.

D. But accurately testing children remains a challenge in much of the country.

E. About 400 centres across Mozambique now have printers that can quickly receive test results by GPRS .


A. The number of development studies courses offered by colleges and universities has grown over the last 20 years.

B. What are you hoping to get out of your course?

C. Has your interest been sparked by other studies, travel, or family connections?

D. As the new academic year begins for some people this month, we would like to hear what is motivating you to study development.

E. The content of those courses has also changed to reflect new interests and trends in the sector, with topics covering a range of subjects, from economics and politics, to the environment, gender and anthropology.

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PTE reading re order practice exercise


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8 thoughts on “PTE reading re order practice exercise 29

          1. DC is a mandatory pair.D suggests a problem to the solution of carbon
            emissions and C talks about the effect of such policy.A should follow C as
            it talks about the further effects. EB is also a mandatory pair. B is an
            example or extension of E.
            Correct Answers

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