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PTE speaking describe image model answers 16

PTE speaking describe image model answers

PTE speaking describe image model answers.Look at the images below and describe in detail what the image is showing.You will have 25 seconds to describe image.

1.PTE speaking describe image model answers

Describe image sample answer

The diagrams illustrate the modification of building a ground floor from an existing plan.It is noticeable that one of internal walls and storage in old plan were removed to make the hall to be a part of living room while both entrance doors remain unchanged in new plan.

In new plan, two internal doors were relocated from two sides of the hall in old plan to one end of internal wall where both internal doors are next to each other. At the same time, the position of the stairs in the old plan was moved to the one corner of living room. By doing so, more space can be seen in living room in proposed plan and make it easier for people to access kitchen from living room or living room from kitchen

Furthermore, one more change can be noticed in the kitchen, in old plan, there was no kitchen furniture while kitchen furniture in new plan was proposed.

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2.PTE speaking describe image model answers

Describe image sample answer

The diagrams compare two different methods of defence for homes which are at risk of being flooded.

The key difference between the diagrams is that they show flood protection with and without a stopbank. In either case, the at-risk home is raised on stilts above ground level.

The first diagram shows how a stopbank acts as a flood barrier to stop river water from flooding homes. The stopbank is a small mound of land next to the river that is higher than the 100-year flood level, and prevents the river from bursting its banks. Nearby houses can be built on stilts to prevent flooding from rainwater, and a floodgate beneath the stopbank can be opened to allow this ‘ponding’ to drain off into the river.

When there is no stopbank, as shown in the second diagram, there will be nothing to stop the river from flooding. In this case, the solution is to put buildings on stilts. The height of the stilts is measured so that the floor of the house is 300mm above the 100-year flood level. This measurement is called the ‘freeboard’.

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PTE speaking describe image model answers





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