PTE Academic Writing Summarize written text sample paragraphs 2

summarize written text
Summarize written Text sample paragraphs

Read the passages below. Then summarize them using one sentence.Write your summarize written text response in 10 minutes and up to 30 words.Below are summarize written text sample paragraphs.

  1. “Given that the number of people in our country with some form of arthritis is expected to rise from 40 million to 60 million over the next twenty years, pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs for the treatment of arthritis should be very profitable. Many analysts believe that in ten years Becton Pharmaceuticals, which makes Xenon, the best-selling drug treatment for arthritis, will be the most profitable pharmaceutical company. But the patent on Xenon expires in three years, and other companies will then be able to produce a cheaper version of the drug. Thus, it is more likely that in ten years the most profitable pharmaceutical company will be Perkins Pharmaceuticals, maker of a new drug called Xylan, which clinical studies show is preferred over Xenon by seven out of ten patients suffering from the most extreme cases of arthritis.”


  1. “In the next mayoral election, residents of Clearview should vote for Ann Green, who is a member of the Good Earth Coalition, rather than for Frank Braun, a member of the Clearview town council, because the current members are not protecting our environment. For example, during the past year the number of factories in Clearview has doubled, air pollution levels have increased, and the local hospital has treated 25 percent more patients with respiratory illnesses. If we elect Ann Green, the environmental problems in Clearview will certainly be solved.”

9.”Two years ago, our consultants predicted that West Egg’s landfill, which is used for garbage disposal, would be completely filled within five years. During the past two years, however, town residents have been recycling twice as much aluminum and paper as they did in previous years. Next month the amount of material recycled should further increase, since charges for garbage pickup will double. Furthermore, over ninety percent of the respondents to a recent survey said that they would do more recycling in the future. Because of our residents’ strong commitment to recycling, the available space in our landfill should last for considerably longer than predicted.”


  1. “Of the two leading real estate firms in our town�Adams Realty and Fitch Realty�Adams is clearly superior. Adams has 40 real estate agents. In contrast, Fitch has 25, many of whom work only part-time. Moreover, Adams’ revenue last year was twice as high as that of Fitch, and included home sales that averaged $168,000, compared to Fitch’s $144,000. Homes listed with Adams sell faster as well: ten years ago, I listed my home with Fitch and it took more than four months to sell; last year, when I sold another home, I listed it with Adams, and it took only one month. Thus, if you want to sell your home quickly and at a good price, you should use Adams.”


11.A recent sales study indicates that consumption of seafood dishes in Bay City restaurants has increased by 30 percent during the past five years. Yet there are no currently operating city restaurants whose specialty is seafood. Moreover, the majority of families in Bay City are two-income families, and a nationwide study has shown that such families eat significantly fewer home-cooked meals than they did a decade ago but at the same time express more concern about healthful eating. Therefore, the new Captain Seafood restaurant that specializes in seafood should be quite popular and profitable.


  1. “The population on Balmer Island doubles during the summer months. During the summer, then, the town council of Balmer Island should decrease the maximum number of moped rentals allowed at each of the island’s six moped and bicycle rental companies from 50 per day to 30 per day. This will significantly reduce the number of summertime accidents involving mopeds and pedestrians. The neighbouring island of Torseau actually saw a 50 percent reduction in moped accidents last year when Torseau’s town council enforced similar limits on moped rentals. To help reduce moped accidents, therefore, we should also enforce these limitations during the summer months.”

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    1. Clearview’ citizens would give votes to Ann Green to make their environment more suitable for human survival because the current mayor named Frank Braun is not giving their best to tackle with the new establishing industries which contributing to air pollution and leading umpteen kinds of respiratory illnesses among the folks.

  1. 7. Pharmaceutical industry would be enormously profitable because arthritis patients number is substantially rising over the next twenty years, thus Perkins Pharmaceuticals invented Xylan, which is preferred more than xenon the medicine of Becton Pharmaceuticals.

  2. 8. Clearview inhabitants will vote for Ann Green rather than for Frank Braun in the forthcoming elections for the reason of protect the environment from air contamination, which is caused by factories, and diminish the rate of breathing problems, thus Ann Green can cope with all these problems as a member of the Good Earth Coalition.

  3. 9. A recent surveys has corroborated that town people would be recycled over ninety percent of material in the future as garbage collection charges will surge, and robust commitment to recycling, while vast amount of space would be available against the prediction of consultants regarding landfill for garbage disposal.

  4. 10. Adam is a fast-growing company which has 40 agents and double revenue than other same field company Fitch, besides I sold one of my house through Adam quickly where as Fitch took four months time to sell my other property, finally Adam provides the best service.

  5. 11. The sales of seafood dishes in the Bay city restaurants has increased because two income families consume less home cooked food, but more concerned about healthy food, so the new Captain seafood restaurant business will be more profitable which specializes in making marine food.

  6. 12. The Government of Balmer Island plans to decrease moped rentals to shun accidents because during summer the populace would be billowed, and the rate of accidents would be significantly reduced, besides the same method was implemented and succeeded in Torseau, therefore we should espouse the new rule in summer months.

  7. As the pollutaion have increased drastically in clearview hence to protect it’s enviornement it is necessary for the residents of Clearview to vote for Ann Green rather than Frank Braun in the next mayoral election.

  8. With the expected rise of approximately 20 million in the number of people with some form of arthritis, Pharmaceutical companies named Perkins Pharmaceuticals will likely be the most profitable pharmaceutical company within ten years because the patent of the Becton Pharmaceuticals on best-selling drug Xenon will expires in three years and drug of Perkins Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of arthritis, called Xylan is being preferred most by arthritis patients .

  9. Recycling of aluminium and paper have increased in previous 2 years and it’s going to further increase because of the strong commitment of residents for the recycling which will lead to longlasting available space in our landfill.

  10. Adams Realty is the best real estate firms in the town because it has more full time employees than Fitch therefore homes listed with Adams sell faster and it is supported by the fact that last year it has reported much larger revenue and home sales than that of Fitch.

  11. Due to expected rise in the number of arthritis, most of the pharmaceutical companies will be profited particularly Becton and Perkins pharmaceuticals, whereas the later one will be most profitable for its newly manufactured drug called Xylan which is supposed to gain its popularity over Xenon manufactured by Becton.

  12. It is advisable to vote for Ann Green who is a member of Good Earth Coalition rather than Frank Braun in the next mayoral election in Clearview town as despite of being the current member of Clearview township council, Frank Braun has not done much for the protection of environment.

    Due to continuous recycling efforts particularly for aluminium foil and paper from the last 2 years by the residents of West Egg, the prediction of completing filling of the landfill by the consultant’s will last for more years which was also revealed from the commitment made by the residents according to the recent survey.

    Among the two real estates in the town, Adams Reality is considered better than Fitch Reality due its higher number of real estate agents, higher revenues and sales which I had experienced during the sale of my properties.

    A newly opened restaurant Captain seafood restaurant will increase its sale as there is an increasing trend in the consumption of seafood in the Bay City restaurants as most of the families belongs to working class even though they are health conscious, according to the recent sales study.

    It was predicted that enforcement of hiring limit of motorcycles during populated summer months in Balmer islands can reduce the number of accidents as it was seen in the neighbouring Torseau island, last year.

      1. clearview’ citizens would make their vote only to the Ann Green to make their environment more suitable for human survival because the current mayor named Frank Braun is not dealing with the new established companies which continuously contributing to add pollution to the air and leading to cause respiratory diseases among the folks.

  13. 7. It is believed that in near future, Perkins Pharma would lead Becton Pharma and become the biggest profitable company with the production of a new cheaper medicine called Xylan for arthritis patients.

    8. In the following mayoral elections, Ann Green should be voted if environmental problems needed to be solved as the present mayor Frank Braun and his party have done nothing in this regard.

    9. It was predicted that West Egg’s lanfill, used for garbage disposal would be full in five years but as the town residents are recycling different material and would continue which would result in to last landfill longer than predicted earlier.

    10. Among two leading real estate firms, Adams Realty is better than Fitch Realty because homes sold with Adams sell very fast and with a good price as well.

    11. A recent sales survey tells that consumption of seafood dishes has increased by 30 percent and as there is no restaurant in the city which specialises in seafood so the new Captain restaurant which is a specialist in seafood should be famous and in profit.

    12. All moped and bicycle rental firms in Balmer island should reduce the number of moped and bicycles from 50 to 30/day during summers to avoid accidents, same as Torseau island last year.

  14. The author is talking about population of balmer island during the summer months, moreover the amount of bicycle has reduced as well as significantly decrease the accidents in these months.

  15. Adams Realty, which is the largest player in real state business, sells the property significantly rapidly than it’s competitor and last year it’s business revenue was reported as double than it’s competitor.

  16. The newly opened seafood restaurant named ‘Captain Seafood, should earn significant profit due to high demand of healthy seafood dishes and lower number of seafood restaurants.

  17. A recent survey reflect that during the summer, the number of tourist, get’s increase significantly in Balmer Island , therefore there is a need to modify the two-wheeler rental policies, to allow less two-wheeler on rentals which will help in reducing the accidents because of two-wheelers.

  18. Plese give me a comment on my answer…

    The patent on Xenon of Becton pharmaceuticals, the most profitable current drugs producer for arthritis will be expired in three years; however, the clinical studies has approved a new producer called Xylan for treating the cases of arthritis.

  19. As the patients of arthritis are likely to increase by 20 millions in coming 20 years, analysts estimate, Perkins pharmaceuticals will be the most profitable pharmaceutical company taking over the market by their new and cheaper drug on arthritis, Xylan, in comparison with current drug Xenon, patenetd by Bector pharmaceuticals.

  20. Many analysts believe that Becton Pharmaceuticals will be the most profitable company because of the popularity of their drug and that there will be an increase in arthritis patient in coming years, whereas its patent will be expiring in next few years and furthermore drug manufactured by Perkins Pharmaceuticals shows better results, therefore they will probably be most successful company.

  21. Ann Green from Good Earth Coalition party should be voted because of the reason that she advocates environment protection, whereas during the rule of her opposition counterpart Frank Braun from Clearview town council environment and related health problems has increased manifolds and anticipating that by electing Ann these issues will be curbed.

  22. Please advice how many point below summary can fetch in PTE writing:

    The decrease in the garbage disposal will result in longer time it takes to landfill site than initially predicted, and that because of the reason that the residents tend to focus more on recycling due to various factors including a hike in garbage pickup fees.

  23. Adams Reality should be preferred over Flitch Reality, for selling a house at a good price, because selling a house with Adams has a clear advantage and furthermore, Adams have the better track record than Flitch.

  24. The new Captain Seafood restaurant that specializes in seafood should be successful, due to the various factors including no restaurant in the locality that serves healthy seafood and also the demand for seafood has increased significantly in recent years.

  25. The maximum number of moped rentals should be limited during summer, in order to curb the accidents with pedestrians, in line with a similar enforcement by the nearby island’s council.

  26. The increasing number of arthritis patients seems beneficial to the medical industries, and it is clear that patent expiration of Xenon will open doors for medical companies to make new affordable and effective drugs to cure this disease.

    I would appreciate if this will be evaluated.

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