PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks practice 3 - PTE Academic study guide

PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks practice 3

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PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks

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He should have ……. more strongly that Australia is primarily an immigrant nation. Many of our forebears were …….. or asylum seekers. Some of our most successful citizens come from refugee, uneducated and non-English speaking backgrounds. We enjoy a modern advanced ……….. because of their hard work and zeal to make the best of their opportunity for a new life. Wave after wave of refugees and immigrants have ……….. into Australian society and made this country better. They have urged their children get an education and contribute. They work most of their lives. They consume. They run businesses. They ……… jobs.

PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks

Audio 2

Mr Dutton has been playing the refugee card since the …………. began. He claims Labor is split on stopping the boats. It is. Some Labor ……….. do not support the party line which is almost indistinguishable from the Coalition’s. But the focus should be the issue, not the vulnerable people. Mr Dutton knows full well that ……….. refugees, belittling them as humans and rejecting their potential contribution to Australia will always create just the sort of feral outbreak and ………… of Pauline Hanson that we saw following his comments. Mr Turnbull should have repudiated his minister and those comments immediately. The Prime Minister still has a chance to do so and be stronger in his ……… of refugees. The Herald urges him to unite the nation on this issue.

PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks

Audio 3

THERE’S this ongoing trend on social media where young people, typically in their teens and 20s, compete to see who can be the most ………. inept at basic adult life. I like to call it “dumble bragging”. And from one Gen Y member to another – it’s ……. annoying. You’ve seen it all over your social media feeds – people post photos of their …….. cooking attempts, or live-tweet their hangovers all Sunday to make really, REALLY sure you’re aware that they went out for a couple of vodka ……….. the night before. Hashtag edgy. Of course, a bunch of these are then conglomerated into another listicle called “19 ways we’re all struggling to adult!”, so we can join hands and laugh over how …….. and quirky and amusing we all are.




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