PTE Academic describe image with model answers 6

PTE Academic describe image with model answers

Academic describe image

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The bar chart illustrates the number of men and women employed in six positions in Australia in 2003. It is immediately evident that generally more number of males than females were employed, and that trade persons stood the highest for males and clerical for males over this time frame. To begin with males, around 900 worked in trade persons and clerical positions with approximately 600 worked in managers and professions. Finally, semi professionals, production and labourers positions stood in the range of between 400-500. Moving on to females the situation was totally different. 900 females worked in clerical positions, this figure was dropped to at least a half in professionals category, which was much more ahead of men. Next, semi professionals, labourers and managers positions for females were in the range of 200-300, but lesser than males. Finally, only one in ten women worked in trade persons and production.

PTE Academic describe image sample

academic describe image

Describe image sample response

The pie chart illustrates the main reasons that people migrated and emigrated to the UK in 2007. We can clearly see from the pie chart that the definite job and searching for work accounted for the largest proportion of emigration and migration

To begin nearly one-third of people went and left the UK for a definite job, while one fifth of people emigrated for job search, only just over one in ten people immigrated for this purpose.Next just over a quarter of people immigrated to the UK for formal study, but this figure was only 4% for emigration.

PTE Academic describe image

academic describe image

Describe image sample response

The chart shows the enrolment comparison of 400 research students with an equal number of males and females. All the students opted for Natural Sciences. Psychology and Mathematics were opted by all male students with comparatively lesser female enrolments, similarly, Engineering and Programming received around 75%, of male enrolments and less than 50% female enrolments. Linguistics opted by a bit more than 100 female students and near about 85 male students.


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