PTE Academic sample essay role of government to protect citizens from tobacco


Tobacco, mainly in the form of cigarettes is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. Over a billion adults legally smoke tobacco every day. The long-term health costs are high- for the smokers themselves, and for the wider community in terms of health care costs and lost productivity.Do Governments have a legitimate role to protect citizens from the harmful effects of their own decisions to smoke, or are such decisions up to an individual?”

Tobacco is one of the most widely-used drugs in the world. Over a billion adults legally smoke tobacco every day. Tobacco is slowing taking a billion people in the world towards doom. The long-term health costs are high for smokers, who suffer from various heart and lung diseases, reduced concentration and continually diminishing immunity.


Non-smokers, accompanying smokers or those who are in their close vicinity, also become “Passive” smokers and bear the toll of various inevitable diseases as they inhale the smoke which has an ill-effect on their respiratory systems. Thus, the health costs are high—for smokers themselves, and for the wider community in terms of health care costs and lost productivity.


There has been awareness among people from many years, about the ill-effects of smoking and various campaigns run by the government, NGOs and local bodies to encourage people to quit smoking but the result has not been impressive. The solution is to nip the problem in the bud. School authorities and parents should keep a close eye so that children don’t start to smoke because they think it is “cool”. They should be made aware of the harmful effects of smoking.

The government could play a vital role too. Smoking should not be high-hand in advertisements and movie commercials which have a huge impact on people. It could levy high taxes on tobacco products to keep people away from its reach. Rules for checking children buying such products should be made stringent.


The onus to protect from such products also lie on individuals as will-power always does the trick. The knowledge of the importance of being healthy has to be realized from within. It goes a long way to check the problem. Thus, the solution requires both legitimate action of Government and strong individual decisions to eliminate the problem.



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3 thoughts on “PTE Academic sample essay role of government to protect citizens from tobacco

  1. These days, there is an ongoing debate between people about the most used tobacco drugs. Tobacco smoking is increasing day by day and it is legal in some countries. As we know all that smoking is serious issue in our society. In this essay, I will explain my point of view regarding to smoking and I also provide my personal experience about this harmful drug. Below are my points.
    Firstly, I would say that, smoking is very dangerous for our health and it is not connected with the person who smokes but it is also connected with the person who is sitting with him or her, when they do smoking. In some countries, smoking is banned and this is the great step toward the batter society. Let me explain my experience here, I have a friend who is chain-smoker in from the last 10 years and recently, he got a bad news from the doctor that, he got cancer disease. This is smoking news for all of us and by the grace of the God he is surviving with treatment. So in that case, I totally agreed that we should stop smoking and take some strict action for this.
    Secondly, I would say that, the Govt. should take action on it and some on front for foot to play strong and strict law actions so that now one can even think about smoking.
    We have seen so many ads on TV, Internet and in theater that but we as a individual also take part in this role. We should teach our children that due to smoking you can get infected like, cancer disease, heart attack, lungs disease etc.
    At the end with some conclusion, I would say that, we as individual and Govt. take some strict action in it.

  2. Tobacco in general and Cigarettes in particular is most widely used drugs by more than billion adults in the world. Tobacco smoking is injurious to both physical health of the individual as well as economic health of the community as a whole. It is often argued that who will take responsibility to save the citizens from the harmful effects of the tobacco smoking, is it the government or the individual themselves.

    It is widely accepted truth that everybody has a role to play in the community’s growth and to protect it from the undesirable impacts. This imples that the curbing the illnesses of tobacco smoking is in the hands of the both the government and the individual smoker. Governments can legislate to put age restrictions to buy the tobacco products. This is mostly seen in all the countries that the people aged less than 18 are prohibited to buy tobacco products. Also governemts can make tobacco products to display the images to remind the smoker of the harmful efffects of smoking.

    Furthermore, the individual is also responsible for himself as well as the community The individual must realise the health care costs associated and also count on the number of productive hours lost due to smoking. It is agreed that most governments are not in favour of banning the tobacco smoking due to various reasons, it is the individual’s responsibility to take care of himself first and his/her community next.

    In conclusion, the individual has a better role to play in comparision with the governemts to curb the harmful effects of tobacco smoking.”Change must start from within, not without”. Instead of blame game, it is always good to take control of the situation to our own hands.

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