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A company should concentrate on sales or reputations as long term strategies in the market.Discuss

PTE model essay

Whenever an entrepreneur starts the organization or a business planning plays the key role and the most important thing is to build up a positive or good reputation. A company always has to pass two phases, the first phase is STARTUP and second phase is ESTABLISHMENT. When a company is started their first priority is to get established in the market for the long term and the factors which help a firm for long term stability and the establishment is a good name, trust of the customer, and its reputation.

In today’s digital world, one negative review or a bad article submission can bring your business or sales down because everyone has an eye on their competitor’s growth so maintaining a reputation in the market is having paramount importance.

The reputation of the company can be built initially by the quality of the product as promised to the customers and by the service provided by the company.The most effective way by which any company gathers fame or reputation is from good review and effective feedback, which the consumers provide in the market which could be done by emphasizing on the quality of the product.

We can elaborate this with a practical example of very well known industry PATANJALI. Initially, Patanjali was manufacturing limited Ayurveda products.The outlets for their products were very less and hard to access. But due to the quality provided by the company as promised to the customers, they were extremely satisfied. The customers provided positive feedback and review among other customers and the general public, providing healthy marketing for the company.The reputation of the company has improved by consumers trust and the company grows into the most empowered company in Indian market providing products in almost each and every category thus improving their sales and profit.

I hereby want to conclude this essay with a message that motive of the company should be the improvement of their reputation as sales of any company is directly proportional to the reputation of the company for a long perspective.


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