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In today’s world, different government and international organization are confronting many problems

PTE Sample essay-In today’s world, different government, and international organization are confronting many problems. What is the most pressing problem among them?

We have an accelerated growth rate and are growing in all spheres be it economic, political or social. While this growth might be good for the world we are destroying everything in our way to achieve it. The world is upsurging with a lot of problems and the biggest among them is the destruction of natural resources. In this essay, we discuss the problem and the solution to overcoming it in detail.

The major cause of the destruction of natural resources is the pollution caused by us. There are many sources of pollution which are leading to destruction and extinction of resources. The dominant one among them is the pollution caused by industries. They are not only annihilating the ecology but also are making people suffer from a range of diseases.

We are using the deficient natural resources at such a progressive rate that there will be no resources left for the future generations to come. We can’t reproduce the natural resources so the only step we can take is to save them as much as we can. We have to use the steps which are accessible and practical rather than going for the complicated ones.

The government has to introduce some compelling rules and regulations to avoid wastage of resources and bring out some eco-friendly measures. The international organizations can raise funds and also acquaint people be introducing an awareness program to educate people the importance of natural resources and a guide to save them.

To conclude, this is a major concern as it serves as roots for other concerning issues for the world but it can be alleviated if it is attended with an appropriate approach and dealt with global integrity.

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