Imagine that a company plans to build a big factory in your town. Discuss how the factory might improve or harm your community. Do you favor or oppose the plan to build the factory? Use specific examples and reasons to support your position.

A large factory would be a prominent and powerful presence in the community. Most likely, the factory’s presence would bring with it so many drawbacks as to make the factory a liability to the community rather than an asset. I would probably oppose the factory before it could be constructed.

On the positive side, a factory would be an important source of tax revenue, and local businesses would hope to benefit from the salaries of workers at the factory. These benefits must be weighed, however, against the possible negative impact of the planned factory on the community.

First, the environmental impact must be considered. Pollution from the factory would be all but inevitable. More important, from my viewpoint, is the effect of the factory on housing and municipal services. A factory employing hundreds of workers will íncrease demand for housing. The result may be a shortage of affordable housing. Also, can the community easily provide the services needed by such a large number of new residents? Providing those services may be a strain on the rest of the community.

A large factory is likely to place a heavy burden on the community. I am not sure the community can justify that burden in view of the anticipated benefits from the factory. For these reasons, I would have to oppose the factory, or at least urge careful study of its impact before approval for the factory is granted.

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