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There is a proposal to build a new restaurant in your neighborhood. Do you favor or oppose this proposal? Why

A good restaurant is an asset to a neighborhood. If the quality of food and service is high, then a restaurant may be a greater local attraction than a monument, museum, or park. In some communities, a fine restaurant, or even a merely good restaurant serving interesting foods in a comfortable atmosphere, is the main reason to visit there. A restaurant may make the
reputation of a town or neighborhood. That is why a high-quality restaurant
is something to encourage.

Other reasons for supporting a good restaurant include the beneficial influence of competition. When a quality restaurant opens and is successful, it has the effect of spurring other restaurants to upgrade their cooking and service as well, so as to compete. The result is an overall improvement in dining. Thus, a community’s restaurants and their patrons all benefit from the opening of a good restaurant. One restauranť’s success can be felt everywhere.

Also, a good restaurant offers more than just an enjoyable meal. It becomes a social center as well. Many business people conduct meetings over meals. When a restaurant provides an agreeable place to meet, it becomes something of a corporate center. In this respect, a quality restaurant provides a valuable service, even as it benefits from the reputation of a place where
deals are made.

Then there is the sheer pleasure of enjoying well-prepared, succulent food in comfortable surroundings. Benefits like this are intangible but still tremendous, and only a well-run restaurant can provide them. Something about a restaurant both relaxes and stimulates the mind. Designed, built, and operated in the right way, a good restaurant will contribute much to a community and should be supported.

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