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German Nursing Adaptation Program in Malta

German Nursing

German Nursing Adaptation Course is an integrated collection of study modules and services intended to develop foreign nurses’ core academic, technical, and employability skills, provide them with continuous education, training and place them in high-demand, high-opportunity jobs. Each module in the curriculum of studies is designed to prepare individuals for the next level of employment and education and provide a credential with labor market value. Altogether, this course is of a  duration of 10 months (1 year)with a key focus on the language modules to attain the proficiency in German language Level  B2 and also inclusive of the Expert Modules like Quality Assurance in health & social care, Gerontology, Mental Health, Infection, prevention and control which makes the students better prepared for the rapid changes that take place in today’s workplace.

German Nursing Adaptation Program Malta : (Work as a Nurse in Germany)

  • Duration: 10 Months
  • Fees: 6,500 Euros
  •   Campus: Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology
  •   Entry Requirement: B.Sc. Nurses OR GNM with 2 years of Experience
  • IELTS: Not required
  • Intake: Rolling

Who can apply for adaptation programs?

  •  Successful completion of BSc Nursing with a duration of not less than 4 years are eligible.
  •  Successful completion of a Diploma in   General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) with a duration of not less than 3 years are eligible (Minimum 1-year experience preferred).

Benefits of the course

  • Assistance to get placed in a hospital or eldercare homes with a minimum contract of 2+ years.
  • Successful completion of the nursing adaptation program makes you eligible to practice as a German Nurse and get your foreign Nursing degree recognized.
  • Job Assistance with the top players in the Health Care sector assured.
  • Language competencies acquired.
  • Small class size with a student tutor ratio of 25:1
  • Live interaction with extremely qualified Healthcare Professionals.
  •  Assistance for gaining the license to practice in Germany and support with visas and permits.
  •  Fair salaries, indefinite contracts, regulated holiday periods, and a series of additional benefits boost the solid-state of the German health sector labor market.
  • High employee satisfaction is driven by excellent hygienic conditions and the space designed in our partnering Hospitals.

The program takes 10-12 months. Almost immediately after passing the program, you can start to work as an assistant nurse in Germany. You will work in Germany as an assistant nurse for a few months, in general, 3-6 months. At this time, your employer (or in some cases you) will start to apply for the recognition of your license as a full nurse by the German health authorities. Depending on the region of Germany and the authorities, this process can take also a bit longer than 6 months.

Students interested in applying for admission to the German Nursing course can contact me via email at gauravsaini24@hotmail.com or on my WhatsApp number 7508676970.
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