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Imagine that there is a plan to build a big shopping center in your community

Imagine that there is a plan to build a big shopping center in your community. Do you favor or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific examples and reasons to support your opinion.


Much depends, of course, on the character of the proposed shopping center. A shopping center with upscale stores, catering to a wealthy clientele, probably would be desirable. Shoppers in that category have much disposable income and create few social problems. It is rare for a shopper in a
Mercedes to throw trash on one’s lawn. Less affluent shoppers, on the other hand, are more numerous, more likely to visit a typical shopping center, and more given to causing trouble, from litter and noise to serious crime. Probably, then, a large shopping center is not a good idea, and it should be opposed.

Though it may be unpopular to say so, wealthy shoppers are the most beneficial to everyone else. They spend freely. They tend to be orderly and quiet. They respect the rights and property of others and avoid causing the disturbance in public. They may have high expectations of businesses and other people, of course, but without such expectations, they probably never would have reached the top of the ladder themselves.

None of this is necessarily true of shoPpers lower on the economic scale, especially if they are young. Their preferred amusements (to put it politely) involve loud music, litter, and overindulgence in alcohol. In extreme cases, violence and other kinds of crime follow the arrival of a place where such youths gather. The result is an inconvenience to the community, at best. Other
Jto Consequences may include an overall decline in quality of life due to increased crime, a drop in property values (again, due to increased crime), and perhaps even homicide if youth gangs or other violent elements make the shopping center their hangout.

If this attitude toward shoppers and shopping centers is snobbery, then so be it. The fact remains that a large shopping center probably will bring with it more drawbacks than advantages, unless it appeals to a small and well-off category of shoppers. That is why the large shopping center is undesirable.

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