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Best tips to write an essay

Main Principles for Writing an Essay

Do you have an essay or an assignment to write for college or university? Have you always
wondered what the main principles for writing an essay are? This guide is going to tell you
exactly what you need to know.
Everyone wants to achieve the best grade they can. But while you can be taught about
subjects and topics at school, you are not really advised on how to create a fantastic essay.
Of course, how you write and portray your ideas will be part of your grade.
So, let’s take a look at some of the main principles for writing a good essay for college or

Start with the Essay Outline

There are students that want to rush in and answer the essay question straight away. But it
is recommended that you take your time and start with the outline first. This is going to guide
you on the sections you want to include in your paper and make sure that you have the right
structure so that you get the best grade. So, you can start by creating notes and what you
would like to say in your introduction, as well as the main body paragraphs and conclusion. If
you get stuck at any point, you can refer back to your essay outline.

Create a Thesis Statement

Next up after your outline is to create your thesis statement. This is going to tell your reader
what the paper is going to be about and the main principles you intend to argue about the
topic. It is an essential element of any assignment. This is going to be what leads you through
the writing process. It should be stated in the introduction of your paper, as well as
summarised in conclusion again for your reader.

Demonstrate Facts but Also Construct Arguments

Any essay will need to contain facts on the topic or subject. This is part of creating a good
paper. But it is important that you do not simply state these facts and where they are from,
but also use them to back up your arguments. Everyone wants to show that they have
researched a topic, but your professor or lecturer is more interested in seeing how you use
this information and whether you really understand it. Essentially, they want you to go further
than regurgitating the main facts and stories that anyone could find and really analyze the
subject. If you are struggling to write a convincing argument, you can also use Paperleaf to do
your essay.

Edit and Proofread Before You Submit Your Essay

A lot of students are so glad that they are finished their paper that they just want to hand in
the essay without checking it over. While you may think that you have not made any mistakes
when you have been writing or typing, you will be surprised by how many errors there can be.
So, one of the main principles, when you are writing an assignment, is to spend 30 minutes
at the end of editing and proofreading. Not only may you find mistakes, but you can also find
paragraphs you want to add in or take out.


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