PTE essay adventure sports skydiving-pros and cons


Sky diving

People pursue adventure sports activities like Skydiving, extreme skiing, motorcycles jumping, Are you in favor? If yes then why?

Adventure sports or Extreme sports have gained wide popularity over some years. The main credit for this goes to the movies which show the most dangerous stunts with the utmost ease. This makes me want to try these stunts and to feel the adrenaline rush for once. But on second thought, these stunts are not as easy as they seem and you actually risk your life by trying them. both the pros and cons will be highlighted in this essay.

Trying these adventurous sports will help to boost the self-confidence and master your own fears at once. It also aids in accelerating your physical stamina to overcome the myriad of life challenges in every human’s life. Also, they give you a prominent name and fame in the world to establish a foothold in the world.

Many people do not pursue this as their fears drag them down and they become reluctant to try new things. It takes a little time but once you take a risk there is no looking back. Not only that, by trying new things you can prevent the grunt work and develop a risk-taking attitude and have positivity in your mind.

On the contrary side, these sports are not that safe as they seem. There have been numerous incidents where human life had been at extreme risk and people have lost their lives. It is a huge risk in the name of adventure. There is no guarantee of safety and taking safety precautions is a must.

To conclude, having proper preventive measures is necessary as the risk is very high. That is why it is advised to practice a lot before attempting these adventurous sports to avoid any type of injury or mishap.

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