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PTE Academic collocation list 1

PTE Academic Collocation List


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
1 abstract adj concept n
2 academic adj achievement n
3 academic adj career n
4 (in) academic adj circles n
5 academic adj community n
6 academic adj debate n
7 academic adj discipline n
8 academic adj discourse n
9 academic adj institution n
10 academic adj journal n
11 academic adj life n
12 academic adj performance n
13 academic adj research n
14 academic adj skills n
15 academic adj study n
16 academic adj success n
17 academic adj work n
18 academic adj world n
19 academic adj writing n
20 academic adj year n
21 accept v responsibility n
22 acceptable adj behaviour n
23 accurate adj assessment n
24 accurate adj description n
25 accurate adj information n
26 accurate adj measurement n
27 accurate adj picture n
28 accurate adj record n
29 achieve (a) v goal n
30 achieve (an) v objective n
31 achieve (an) v outcome n
32 acquire v knowledge n
33 active adj involvement n
34 active adj participant n
35 active adj participation n
36 active adj role n
37 (be) actively adv involved vpp
38 acutely adv aware adj
39 add v information n
40 additional adj cost n
41 additional adj information n
42 additional adj problem n
43 additional adj resources n
44 additional adj support n
45 address (an) v issue n
46 administrative adj practices n
47 adopt (a) v procedure n
48 adopt (an) v approach n
49 advanced adj economy n
50 advanced adj technology n
51 adverse adj effect n
52 adverse adj reaction n
53 adversely adv affect v
54 affect (the) v outcome n
55 affect (the) v development n (of)
56 allocate v resources n
57 allow v access n (to)


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
58 almost adv identical adj
59 alternative adj approach n
60 alternative adj explanation n
61 alternative adj form n
62 alternative adj interpretation n
63 alternative adj means n
64 alternative adj method n
65 alternative adj model n
66 alternative adj solution n
67 alternative adj source n
68 alternative adj strategy n
69 alternative adj view n
70 alternative adj way n
71 ample adj evidence n
72 analytical adj approach n
73 analytical adj tool n
74 anecdotal adj evidence n
75 annual adj conference n
76 annual adj meeting n
77 annual adj rate n
78 annual adj report n
79 annual adj review n
80 apply v equally adv
81 apply (a) v method n
82 apply (the) v theory n
83 appropriate adj action n
84 appropriate adj behaviour n
85 appropriate adj conditions n
86 appropriate adj data n
87 appropriate adj form n
88 appropriate adj language n
89 appropriate adj level n
90 appropriate adj point n
91 appropriate adj response n
92 appropriate adj skills n
93 appropriate adj treatment n
94 appropriate adj way n
95 armed adj conflict n
96 artificial adj intelligence n
97 assess (the) v impact n (of)
98 assessment n process n
99 associated adj factors n
100 assume v responsibility n
101 assume (the) v role n (of)
102 atomic adj energy n
103 attend (a) v conference n
104 available adj data n
105 available adj evidence n
106 available adj information n
107 available adj resources n
108 average adj score n
109 background n knowledge n
110 basic adj assumption n
111 basic adj component n
112 basic adj concept n
113 basic adj element n
114 basic adj function n
115 basic adj information n
116 basic adj premise n

Collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
117 basic adj principle n
118 basic adj research n
119 basic adj structure n
120 basic adj technique n
121 bear v resemblance n (to)
122 become v apparent adj
123 become v available adj
124 become v aware adj
125 become v blurred adj
126 become v established adj
127 become v evident adj
128 become v independent adj
129 become v involved adj (with/in)
130 become v obvious adj
131 become v visible adj
132 become v widespread adj
133 become (a) v source n (of)
134 become (the) v focus n (of)
135 begin (a) v process n
136 behave v differently adv
137 beneficial adj effect n
138 (be) best adv described vpp (as, in terms of)
139 binary adj opposition n
140 binary adj system n
141 biological adj evolution n
142 biological adj science n
143 biological adj sex n
144 brief adj account n
145 brief adj description n
146 brief adj discussion n
147 brief adj history n
148 brief adj introduction n
149 brief adj overview n
150 brief adj period n
151 brief adj review n
152 brief adj summary n
153 brief adj time n
154 briefly adv describe v
155 briefly adv discuss v
156 broad adj agreement n
157 broad adj category n
158 broad adj definition n
159 (a) broad adj range n (of)
160 broad adj spectrum n
161 broader adj context n
162 (be) broadly adv defined vpp
163 broadly adv similar adj
164 business n sector n
165 business n transaction n
166 capitalist adj country n
167 capitalist adj economy n
168 capitalist adj society n
169 capitalist adj system n
170 capitalist adj world n
171 career n development n
172 career n opportunity n
173 careful adj analysis n
174 careful adj attention n
175 careful adj consideration n

PTE  Academic Collocation list

collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
176 careful adj thought n
177 (be) carefully adv controlled vpp
178 (be) carefully adv selected vpp
179 carry v information n
180 carry out v research n (of)
181 carry out (the) v task n
182 cast v doubt n (on)
183 causal adj link n
184 causal adj relation n
185 causal adj relationship n
186 cause v consequences n
187 cause v stress n
188 central adj authority n
189 central adj concept n
190 central adj concern n
191 central adj control n
192 central adj core n
193 central adj feature n
194 central adj focus n
195 central adj government n
196 central adj importance n
197 central adj issue n
198 central adj part n
199 central adj point n
200 central adj position n
201 central adj problem n
202 central adj question n
203 central adj role n
204 central adj tenet n
205 central adj theme n
206 certain adj aspect n
207 certain adj assumptions n
208 certain adj characteristics n
209 certain adj circumstances n
210 change v constantly adv
211 change v dramatically adv
212 change v rapidly adv
213 change (an) v attitude n
214 changing adj attitudes n
215 changing adj circumstances n
216 changing adj nature n
217 changing adj needs n
218 changing adj pattern n
219 changing adj world n
220 characteristic adj feature n
221 chemical adj reaction n
222 civil adj case n
223 civil adj society n
224 class n consciousness n
225 classic adj example n
226 classic adj study n
227 classic adj text n
228 classic adj work n
229 classical adj theory n
230 clear adj boundary n
231 clear adj distinction n
232 clear adj evidence n
233 clear adj focus n
234 clear adj indication n


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
235 clear adj relationship n
236 clear adj statement n
237 clear adj structure n
238 (be) clearly adv defined vpp
239 (be) clearly adv demonstrated vpp
240 (be) clearly adv established vpp
241 clearly adv evident adj
242 (be) clearly adv identified vpp
243 clearly adv important adj
244 (be) clearly adv related vpp (to)
245 clearly adv understand v
246 clearly adv visible adj
247 climate n change n
248 climatic adj conditions n
249 close adj contact n
250 close adj proximity n
251 close adj relationship n
252 close adj scrutiny n
253 (be) closely adv allied vpp (to, with)
254 (be) closely adv associated vpp (with)
255 (be) closely adv connected vpp (to, with)
256 (be) closely adv linked vpp (to, with)
257 (be) closely adv related vpp (to)
258 closely adv resemble v
259 (be) closely adv tied vpp
260 (upon, on) closer adj examination n
261 (on/upon) closer adj inspection n
262 closer adj look n
263 cognitive adj ability n
264 cognitive adj development n
265 cognitive adj skills n
266 collaborative adj learning n
267 collect v data n
268 collect v information n
269 collective adj action n
270 collective adj identity n
271 collective adj memory n
272 combined adj effect n
273 come into v conflict n (with)
274 come into v contact n (with)
275 commercial adj activity n
276 commercial adj transaction n
277 commit (a) v crime n
278 commit (an) v offence n
279 common adj ancestor n
280 common adj approach n
281 common adj assumption n
282 common adj characteristic n
283 common adj culture n
284 common adj error n
285 common adj feature n
286 common adj goal n
287 common adj method n
288 common adj source n
289 common adj theme n
290 common adj usage n
291 (be) commonly adv accepted vpp
292 (be) commonly adv associated vpp (with)
293 (be) commonly adv called vpp

Collocation List

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
294 (be) commonly adv encountered vpp
295 (be) commonly adv found vpp (in)
296 (be) commonly adv known vpp (as)
297 (be) commonly adv referred vpp (to) (as)
298 (be) commonly adv used vpp
299 communicate v effectively adv
300 comparative adj analysis n
301 comparative adj research n
302 comparative adj study n
303 compelling adj argument n
304 compelling adj evidence n
305 compelling adj reason n
306 competitive adj market n
307 competitive adj pressure n
308 complete (a) v task n
309 complex adj area n
310 complex adj interaction n
311 complex adj issue n
312 complex adj pattern n
313 complex adj problem n
314 complex adj process n
315 complex adj question n
316 complex adj relationship n
317 complex adj set n
318 complex adj situation n
319 complex adj structure n
320 complex adj system n
321 comprehensive adj account n
322 comprehensive adj approach n
323 comprehensive adj overview n
324 comprehensive adj review n
325 comprehensive adj system n
326 conceptual adj framework n
327 concerted adj effort n
328 concluding adj remarks n
329 concluding adj section n
330 conditional adj probability n
331 conduct v research n
332 conduct (a) v study n
333 conduct (a) v survey n
334 conduct (an) v analysis n
335 conduct (an) v interview n
336 conflict n resolution n
337 conflicting adj interests n
338 consider v appropriate adj
339 consider v relevant adj
340 consider (a) v possibility n
341 consider (an) v aspect n
342 consider (an) v issue n
343 consider (the) v impact n (of)
344 consider (the) v implications n
345 consider (the) v role n (of)
346 (a) considerable adj amount n (of)
347 considerable adj attention n
348 considerable adj debate n
349 (a) considerable adj degree n (of)
350 (in) considerable adj detail n
351 considerable adj effort n
352 considerable adj evidence n


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
353 (to a) considerable adj extent n
354 (be of) considerable adj importance n
355 considerable adj influence n
356 considerable adj interest n
357 considerable adj research n
358 considerable adj support n
359 considerable adj variation n
360 consistent adj pattern n
361 consistent adj results n
362 constant adj rate n
363 constituent adj elements n
364 constituent adj parts n
365 contain v information n
366 contain (an) v element n
367 contemporary adj debate n
368 contemporary adj issue n
369 contemporary adj life n
370 contemporary adj society n
371 contemporary adj world n
372 contextual adj factors n
373 continued adj existence n
374 continued adj growth n
375 continued adj use n
376 continuous adj process n
377 contribute v significantly adv
378 contribute to (the) v development n (of)
379 controversial adj issue n
380 conventional adj view n
381 conventional adj wisdom n
382 convey v information n
383 convey v meaning n
384 convey (a) v message n
385 convincing adj evidence n
386 coping adj strategy n
387 core adj area n
388 core adj element n
389 core adj issue n
390 core adj skills n
391 core adj value n
392 correct adj interpretation n
393 correct (an) v error n
394 counter adj argument n
395 cover (a) v range n (of)
396 cover (a) v topic n
397 cover (an) v area n
398 create v conditions n
399 create v opportunities n
400 create v problems n

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