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PTE Academic collocation list 2

PTE Academic reading collocation list


PTE Academic

401 create (an) v environment n
402 create (an) v impression n
403 create (an) v opportunity n
404 creative adj process n
405 creative adj thinking n
406 creative adj work n
407 criminal adj offence n
408 critical adj analysis n
409 critical adj approach n
410 critical adj attention n
411 critical adj essay n
# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
412 critical adj evaluation n
413 critical adj examination n
414 critical adj factor n
415 critical adj importance n
416 critical adj inquiry n
417 critical adj introduction n
418 critical adj issue n
419 critical adj perspective n
420 critical adj point n
421 critical adj reflection n
422 critical adj review n
423 critical adj role n
424 critical adj scrutiny n
425 critical adj theory n
426 critical adj thinking n
427 critical adj writing n
428 critically adv evaluate v
429 crucial adj difference n
430 crucial adj factor n
431 crucial adj importance n
432 crucial adj part n
433 crucial adj point n
434 crucial adj question n
435 crucial adj role n
436 cultural adj activity n
437 cultural adj aspect n
438 cultural adj attitudes n
439 cultural adj background n
440 cultural adj boundary n
441 cultural adj change n
442 cultural adj context n
443 cultural adj differences n
444 cultural adj dimension n
445 cultural adj diversity n
446 cultural adj factors n
447 cultural adj heritage n
448 cultural adj history n
449 cultural adj identity n
450 cultural adj influence n
451 cultural adj institution n
452 cultural adj issue n
453 cultural adj life n
454 cultural adj norm n
455 cultural adj perspective n
456 cultural adj phenomenon n
457 cultural adj practice n
458 cultural adj significance n
459 cultural adj theory n
460 cultural adj tradition n
461 cultural adj values n
462 culturally adv specific adj
463 current adj climate n
464 current adj issue n
465 current adj policy n
466 current adj research n
467 current adj status n
468 current adj technology n
469 current adj trend n
470 currently adv available adj

PTE Academic collocation list


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
471 daily adj living n
472 data n gathering n
473 data n set n
474 deal (with an) v issue n
475 deem v appropriate adj
476 deem v necessary adj
477 (a) deep adj understanding n (of)
478 (at/on a) deeper adj level n
479 (be) deeply adv embedded vpp
480 (be) deeply adv rooted vpp
481 defining adj characteristic n
482 defining adj concept n
483 defining adj feature n
484 deliberate adj attempt n
485 democratic adj institution n
486 democratic adj process n
487 democratic adj society n
488 democratic adj state n
489 demographic adj change n
490 demographic adj characteristics n
491 demographic adj factor n
492 demonstrate v competence n
493 (be) densely adv populated vpp
494 deny v access n (to)
495 dependent adj variable n
496 describe (a) v method n
497 describe (a) v process n
498 describe (a) v procedure n
499 descriptive adj statistics n
500 desired adj outcome n
501 detailed adj analysis n
502 detailed adj examination n
503 detailed adj information n
504 detailed adj study n
505 develop (a) v method n
506 develop (a) v strategy n
507 develop (a) v technique n
508 develop (a) v theory n
509 develop (an) v approach n
510 develop (an) v argument n
511 developmental adj process n
512 developmental adj stage n
513 diagnostic adj test n
514 differ v considerably adv
515 differ v significantly adv
516 differ v widely adv
517 digital adj information n
518 digital adj media n
519 digital adj technology n
520 direct adj access n
521 direct adj communication n
522 direct adj consequences n
523 direct adj contact n
524 direct adj evidence n
525 direct adj impact n
526 direct adj involvement n
527 direct adj link n
528 direct adj observation n
529 direct adj relationship n


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
530 direct adj role n
531 directly adv affect v
532 (be) directly adv affected vpp
533 (be) directly adv connected vpp (to, with)
534 (be) directly adv involved vpp (in)
535 (be) directly adv linked vpp (to)
536 (be) directly adv linked vpp (to, with)
537 (be) directly adv proportional adj (to)
538 (be) directly adv related vpp (to)
539 (be) directly adv responsible adj (for)
540 disclose v information n
541 discuss (a) v topic n
542 discuss (an) v issue n
543 disposable adj income n
544 distinct adj group n
545 distinct adj type n
546 distinctive adj feature n
547 distinguishing adj feature n
548 diverse adj background n
549 diverse adj group n
550 (a) diverse adj range n (of)
551 dividing adj line n
552 documentary adj evidence n
553 domestic adj market n
554 domestic adj sphere n
555 domestic adj violence n
556 dominant adj culture n
557 dominant adj discourse n
558 dominant adj form n
559 dominant adj group n
560 dominant adj ideology n
561 dominant adj paradigm n
562 dominant adj position n
563 dominant adj role n
564 dramatic adj change n
565 dramatic adj effect n
566 dramatic adj increase n
567 draw v attention n (to)
568 draw (a) v conclusion n
569 draw (a) v distinction n
570 draw (a) v line n
571 driving adj force n
572 due adj process n
573 dynamic adj equilibrium n
574 dynamic adj nature n
575 dynamic adj process n
576 dynamic adj system n
577 earlier adj discussion n
578 earlier adj period n
579 earlier adj research n
580 earlier adj stage n
581 earlier adj study n
582 earlier adj times n
583 earlier adj version n
584 earlier adj work n
585 early adj decades n
586 early adj study n
587 easily adv accessible adj
588 (be) easily adv identified vpp

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
589 (be) easily adv understood vpp
590 easy adj access n
591 economic adj activity n
592 economic adj affairs n
593 economic adj analysis n
594 economic adj benefits n
595 economic adj change n
596 economic adj conditions n
597 economic adj consequences n
598 economic adj context n
599 economic adj crisis n
600 economic adj exploitation n
601 economic adj factors n
602 economic adj forces n
603 economic adj goal n
604 economic adj growth n
605 economic adj inequality n
606 economic adj integration n
607 economic adj interests n
608 economic adj policy n
609 economic adj power n
610 economic adj prosperity n
611 economic adj reform n
612 economic adj relations n
613 economic adj relationships n
614 economic adj resources n
615 economic adj sector n
616 economic adj stability n
617 economic adj status n
618 economic adj structure n
619 economic adj success n
620 economic adj system n
621 economic adj theory n
622 economic adj value n
623 economic adj welfare n
624 educational adj institution n
625 educational adj opportunity n
626 educational adj policy n
627 educational adj programme n
628 educational adj provision n
629 educational adj qualification n
630 educational adj research n
631 educational adj setting n
632 educational adj system n
633 effective adj communication n
634 effective adj implementation n
635 effective adj intervention n
636 effective adj management n
637 effective adj method n
638 effective adj participation n
639 effective adj policy n
640 effective adj treatment n
641 electronic adj access n
642 electronic adj communication n
643 electronic adj media n
644 electronic adj resources n
645 electronic adj version n
646 emotional adj impact n
647 emotional adj intelligence n

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