PTE Academic Listening fill in the blanks practice 1

PTE Academic
PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks


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  1. One seminal difference between the policy remains ;the __________has not matched what is Labor’s most important innovation promise.That is to bring together responsibilities for innovation , industry ,science and research under one single federal minister. Innovation responsibilities ___________ lie within the powerful Department of Education and Science , and while there is _____________ industry department , it has little influence within cabinet .This has __________ policy development and given Australia’s innovation policies distinctly science and research  ___________. It is the scientist rather than the engineers who call the tune in innovation policy in Canberra , so its no surprise our policies are all about ________ government funded research and later __________their results.

PTE Academic Listening fill in the blanks

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2. We’ve decided to adopt just as a loose theme for the course. a __________theme so that you can see the ___________ between chemistry and biology and the things you might consider doing in the future. We want you to think about the _________ that are relevant to your body , the chemistry that’s going on and how __________ plays a role. And we divided the course into four sections and after each section there is a mid-term.The first one, or an exam.The first one is about _________.

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