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1.The graph explains the trend of UK visitors outbound and inbound to the UK from 1979 to 1999.As we see, the UK residents visit abroad was increased drastically from just over 10 million to around 50 million in these 20 years . And, at the same time, the number of visitors to the UK has a study increase from 10 million to 30 million. In 1999 , more than 10 million UK residents visited France , which is highest when compared with other countries in the graph.


2.The line graph elucidates the number of visitors comes in England and English people traveled other countries. It is clearly seen that English people travel more than an overseas resident. In 1979 more than 10 million English people travelled abroad and swelled significantly year by year and ended up more than 50 millions in 1999. On the other side, overseas people started with 10 million and increased gradually and reached to 28 millions in 1999. Moving on, vertical bar graphs depicts the favourite countries visited by English people. It is clearly observed that first place France more than 10 millions travelled and than Spain and least travel countries were Turkey and Greece less than 5 millions. Therefore, we can say that France is the favourite country for UK residents among other countries.

PTE Academic describe image

PTE Academic

Describe image sample response

1.The graph depicts the comparison of lowest, highest and average scores for each questions and its relevant time spent of them. It is quite apparent that there was no lowest score recorded for any question and all the average score for each question has same taken the same amount of time, i.e., around 5 sec , however for highest score the time spent on each question is not more than 10 sec.

2.This graph shows the comparison of time spend for lowest,average and highest score for 4 different questions. It can be clearly seen that, none of the students scored lowest score for any of the questions and the second question is the most time consuming question among all questions. However, question no 1 and no 3 were not took more than 6 seconds to complete where as highest score students took around 8 seconds to complete question 1. Average score students consumed around 10 secs to complete question 4. In conclusion, it  said that question 2 and question 4 are much harder than other two questions.

PTE Academic describe image

pte academic

Describe image sample response

The graph shows the earning in utopia with respect to the number of poeple.. we can see that most men and women which is around half a million each earn somewhere around 39 to 44000 USD. Surprisingly, a huge number of people which is around 325,000 men and women earn around 0-4000 which shows the staggering unemployment and low income rate. On the other hand, around 300,000 men and women earn over 60000 and this number of people starts to decrease with the increase of salary and reaches somewhere equals or less than 100,000 with respect to the salary 85000. In the higher salary group women consist of a slightly higher number than men.


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