PTE Academic listening Highlight incorrect words practice 1

Highlight incorrect words

PTE Academic listening Highlight incorrect words practice

In highlight incorrect words, the transcription of a recording appears on the screen. words While listening to the recording, identify the words in the transcription that differ from what is said.Below are practice samples.


Newspapers Canada has release a new fact sheet providing an overview of the top line results for Canadian adults age 18-34 who embrace technology to excess newspaper content, while still reading in print. Nine out of ten (87%) of these young adults read newspaper content in print, on their desktop/laptop, on their phone or via their tablet. Phone is their primary reading platform to matching their “on-the-go” lifestyle. Newspapers Canada continues to research newspaper leadership across different platforms and by time of day. The most recent research was conducted in January 2016 and confirms the continue strength of newspaper readership across all domestic , including young adults and minerals .

PTE Academic highlight incorrect words


Since then, Ottawa has been trying to deport him as a danger to Canada. Jaballah, a father of six who had visited in Canada in 1996, spent years in prison, before being released under strict bail conditions. In support of its arguments, Canada’s spy service claimed Jaballah, after his arrival in Canada, seminated terrorist propaganda, kept contacts with the al-Jihad leadership and members abroad, and had contacts with many Islamic extremists in this country. Ottawa also relied on an Interpol “Red Notice” regarding outstanding charges in Egypt against Jaballah for being a member of a terrorist organization, and maintain his travel pattern in the Middle East before coming to Canada was “consistent with that of a mujahed extremist.” Hansen rejected all those assertions. “It cannot be reasonably inferred from (his) presence in Afghanistan at some identified time for some unknown duration and his presence in Yemen that he found in Afghanistan or trained in Yemen or in any way engaged in the activities of a mujahed extremist,” the judge wrote. She also said the existence of charges in Egypt contained in the Interpol notice was in no way proof he had actually done anything.


Newspapers Canada has been actively concern with the state of Freedom of Information in Canada since 1997. Reporters and editors with experience in FOI had long complaine of governments restricting information despite legislative guarantees of excess. In order to assess the seriousness of the match, the Canadian Newspaper Association initiated an annual FOI audit in 2005. The purpose of the national survey is to gather objective information on the health of Canada’s access to information rigman and test how readily officials close information that should be publicly available on request.




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5 thoughts on “PTE Academic listening Highlight incorrect words practice 1

  1. 1. excess, matching, leadership, continued, domestic, minerals
    2. visited, seminated, many, identified, found
    3. complaine

    1. Answers
      1.released, access, match, readership, continued , demographics, Millennials
      2.arrived, disseminated, several , maintained, unidentified, fought
      3. concerned, complained, access, problem, regimes, disclose

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