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PTE Academic reading re order sample practice 12

PTE reading

PTE Academic reading re order practice


Reading Re Order 1

1. It is evident, therefore, that the ants of each community all recognize one another, which is very remarkable.

2.However, they are in hostility not only with most other insects, including ants of different species, but even with those of the same species if belonging to different communities.

3.I have over and over again introduced ants from one of my nests into another nest of the same species; and they were invariably attacked, seized by a leg or an antenna, and dragged out.

4.The communities of ants are sometimes very large, numbering even up to 500, 000 individuals.

5.And it is a lesson to us that no one has ever yet seen a quarrel between any two ants belonging to the same community.

Reading Re Order 2

1. Established companies that prosper are those that don’t allow their success to lull them to sleep.

2.Nothing has changed the fundamental economics of business.

3.It’s still good to be big.

4.It’s still good to have a lot of capital.

5.The problem is when you let your bigness make you slow, or when you let your experience lead you to believe your way is the best way.

Reading Re Order 3

1. A perfect voice speaks so directly to the soul of the hearer that all appearance of artfully prepared effect is absent.

2.Every tone sung by a consummate vocal artist seems to be poured forth freely and spontaneously.

3.There is no evidence of calculation, of carefully directed effort, of attention to the workings of the voice, in the tones of a perfect singer.

4.Yet if the accepted idea of Voice Culture is correct, this semblance of spontaneity in the use of the voice can result only from careful and incessant attention to mechanical rules.

5.In no other form of expression do art and nature seem so closely identified as in the art of singing.

Reading Re Order 4

1. Some people think that in this cooperative endeavour, the intelligent students stand to lose since they cannot make the best of their talents, but this seems to be a vague fear.

2. It is only when a child works within a group that his qualities of leadership will manifest themselves.

3.His character will only be shaped by coming into contact with others and by working with them.

4.An important feature of modern education is that it encourages cooperation rather than competition.

5.In fact, personality development can only take place by working in co-operation with others and not in isolation.


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