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PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample 6

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample.You may get 2-3 summarize spoken text in exam.You will hear a short lecture.Write a summary of the lecture using 50-70 words.You will have 10 minutes to finish the task.written transcript of audio is provided for practice purpose.


Transcript ( will not be provided in actual test)

Today I will reiterate the motivation for the work we are doing on the Global Code, then update you on where we are at with the process and outline the way forward.

Why is the work going on? As I have stated on previous occasions, the foreign exchange (FX) industry is suffering from a lack of trust in its functioning. This lack of trust is evident both between participants in the market, and at least as importantly, between the public and the market. The market needs to move toward a more favourable and desirable location, and allow participants to have much greater confidence that the market is functioning appropriately.

A well-functioning foreign exchange market is very much in the interest of all market participants. This clearly includes central banks, both in their own role as market participants but also as the exchange rate is an important channel of monetary policy transmission. In a globalised world, the foreign exchange market is one of the most vital parts of the financial plumbing.

The Global Code sets out global principles of good practice in the foreign exchange market to provide a common set of guidance to the market, including in areas where there is a degree of uncertainty about what sort of practices are acceptable, and what are not. This should help to restore confidence and promote the effective functioning of the wholesale FX market.

To that end, one of the guiding principles underpinning our work is that the Code should promote a robust, fair, liquid, open, and transparent market. A diverse set of buyers and sellers, supported by resilient infrastructure, should be able to confidently and effectively transact at competitive prices that reflect available market information and in a manner that conforms to acceptable standards of behaviour.

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample


Transcript ( will not be provided in actual test )

The Australian Business Economists and Macquarie Securities Australia have been outstanding in their help over the past 10 years. Through their generosity and yours, as well as some remarkably generous individual donations, the Foundation is in a good financial position.
The only problem is that while the Foundation is required to donate at least 4 per cent of the fund each year to activities consistent with its charter, it is hard to find assets that earn 4 per cent with acceptably low risk.
That, of course, is a sign of the times in which we live. Very, very low interest rates for ‘safe’ assets, and even many ‘not quite so safe’ ones, have persisted for quite a long time now, and may well continue for some time yet. When I gave the first of these addresses 10 years ago, about the conduct of monetary policy, I certainly did not imagine that the world would look like this in 2016.
Since this is the last of these addresses I shall deliver, and since in fact it is the last public address I expect to give as Governor, I intend to use it to look back at those 10 years. This will be my account of the Bank’s stewardship over that time.
Rather than a chronology of events, I will take the approach of looking at average outcomes over decade-long periods, which I think is more useful.

PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample

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7 thoughts on “PTE Academic listening summarize spoken text practice sample 6

  1. Forex should include all its participants to gain confidence and improve public and market relation which is currently suffering due lack of trust. Central bank plays vital role in monetary policy globally. It provides guidance to set of global codes which are accepted across market. One of the important global code is to be transparent and include diverse set of buyers and sellers and do market at high acceptable standards.

  2. I know this might not be 100% –
    Global code alleviates lack of trust looming around the functioning of foreign exchange. Global code is a common set of practices to be adhered when involving in foreign exchange. Additionally, it provides guidelines to be followed when there is a degree of uncertainty on any particular action. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in financial plumbing. To conclude, global code achieves a diversified marked within the acceptable standards.

  3. Had to see the transcription – 🙁
    American Business Economists organization has been in a good financial situation through its benevolent actions for the past decade. However, the only outstanding issue is to have the 4 percent contribution through generous actions as chartered and its hard to find money with low risks. Additionally, the Governor emphasized that observing a decade period of events is much useful. Finally, the speaker noted this might be his final speech.

  4. American forex market is not functioning properly due to lack of trustees and confidence of participants. Market need to move to the proper location. Market growth all depends upon the participant. It is very important to understand one fact that foreign market is very important factor in global market and stands has to be taken in order to improve market strategy. The code should be transparent.

  5. The speaker was talking about the foreign exchange market and the reforms that need to be put into motion, in order to augment the existing public perception. He illustrated that the need for change revolved around the lack of trust between the public and the market. This could only be achieved with a globalized code, that created a mandate for diverse buyers, steady infrastructure and conformation to certain behavioural standards.

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